Help! Legacy signature leather laced denim or white leather Ali/Mandy???

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  1. I hate it when I buy a wallet and then decide I have to buy the matching bag!!:graucho:

    Filenes is just getting some of the older Legacy pieces, and I just bought the older style Legacy denim french wallet (with the white leather laced trim) yesterday. I did not buy the bag because I can't decide between that or a white leather Ali or Mandy, and I figure the wallet will go with either??

    I mostly like leather, and don't buy much signature in general, but I do kind of like the occasional signature pieces (especially denim). Also, color transfer problems and dirt are minimized more I think. However, overall out of all three I probably would prefer the Ali or Mandy.... even though I don't always like the way the Mandy slouches, and I'm kind of tired of my Ali. OK, I admit I'm confused!! :P

    Help..what's a girl to do?? Should I purchase the denim signature that really matches the wallet, or get the white leather Ali or Mandy??

    Thanks! I need to decide today!! :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. Get the denim . If your like me you probably have enough leather bags. The denim sounds fun .

  3. Thanks! That's true. I also could get the Bleecker denim version as well. They have those on sale at the dept. stores. Minus the turnlock, the wallet seems to match these bags ok.
  4. I would get either the mandy or ali, I love these two bags. I don't love mandy as much as Ali on me but love the way both of these look in white.
  5. You are so much like me!! I got a wristlet for my B-day and had to get a bag to match!

    I love the denim, so I am really partial to that one. You seem to love it as it comes down to what you love more.

    What's a girl to do??:girlsigh:
  6. I would say a white Mandy or Ali. But I'm not a signature fan. I have a whiskey Mandy and it's a fabulous bag, and I"ve been lusting after a white Ali for months!
  7. I'm not usually a fan of the denim sig with white. I think I would like the wallet though because then it's just a touch of the combo-but I wouldn't go for a whole bag. But if you love it, you totally should! So if it were me, I'd be going with white leather and probably Ali because I've never been a Mandy fan. But I am intrigued by the Bleecker idea too sooo....guess I'm no help at all!
  8. I think the denim sounds cute! Even if signature isn't your 'norm' there is no harm in deciding you like a sig piece or two and carrying it! It's fun to switch it up sometimes!
  9. I would do a white Ali or Mandy.