Help! Leaving for Paris tomorrow- Chanel advice?!?!

  1. Hi! I really want to get my first Chanel bag in Paris and have the real 'experience'. Or find some fabulous deal or vintage bag. I need a story/ an experience when I drop some cash :graucho:.

    Help me out with some suggestions!!!!!
  2. Pick a bag with rare color. Have a good time.
  3. I heard that there is a really big flea market in Paris or near Paris, and you can easily spot vintage bags there at very good price.... has anybody been there before?
  4. There are quite a few shops that sell secondhand or vintage Chanel, but I found them to be quite pricey. The Rue Cambon Chanel is amazing though. There is also a large Chanel concession in Printemps on the Boulevard Haussman and another very friendly concession in Bon Marche on the Rue de Sevres.
  5. The flea market is not open every day! I missed it in March because we were not there on the day it was open. I don't remember the exact day, anyone know?
  6. You simply have to visit Chanel`s mother house at 22, Rue Cambon (it`s near the Madeleine)! There, the corporate headquarters are located, Coco Chanel used to have her office and later on even some private rooms there and this is where it all started (well, it actually did not, her first store was set up in Deauville, but that`s at the sea-side in Normandy) and they have a wonderful store on the ground floor.

    The most beautiful boutique (IMO) of all is the one on Avenue Montaigne though. It`s in the part of Paris where the locals tend to shop and you have all of the couture houses of Dior, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and Givenchy right around the corner and the boutique itself with its display windows is just breathtaking!