Help! Leather Or Signature Hamptons?!


Aug 16, 2007
I recently purchased the Hamptons Large Carryall #11048 in black leather. I love the leather, BUT the bag, 14 x 91/4 x5 isn't big enough, believe it or not, to hold my shoes! As much as I love it, I prob. will send it back. I'm thinking of the Business Carryall 11049, but short of funds! I ordered on my Macy's card the SIGNATURE Hamptons Business Carryall - they didn't have the leather! I'm in a real dilemmna here because I really did love the leather. Should I just settle for the Signature? Is the Signature more popular than the leather? Shoud I "beg, borrow or steal" (figuratively!) the funds for the leather? Need some advice ASAP! If you could help THANKS!:shrugs:
Aug 14, 2007
Is there any way you can get to an outlet? I saw a bunch of the large leather ones on clearance today at the outlets!