Help! Leather Or Signature Hamptons?!

  1. I recently purchased the Hamptons Large Carryall #11048 in black leather. I love the leather, BUT the bag, 14 x 91/4 x5 isn't big enough, believe it or not, to hold my shoes! As much as I love it, I prob. will send it back. I'm thinking of the Business Carryall 11049, but short of funds! I ordered on my Macy's card the SIGNATURE Hamptons Business Carryall - they didn't have the leather! I'm in a real dilemmna here because I really did love the leather. Should I just settle for the Signature? Is the Signature more popular than the leather? Shoud I "beg, borrow or steal" (figuratively!) the funds for the leather? Need some advice ASAP! If you could help THANKS!:shrugs:
  2. How much is the difference? If it's not too much I'd go for the leather. I've got last year's business tote, it holds everything!
  3. Is there any way you can get to an outlet? I saw a bunch of the large leather ones on clearance today at the outlets!