HELP! leather dilemma!

  1. So I have been wanting a black city for a while and I got a call this morning that my SA had 3 black city's to choose from!!

    I was excited, but as I had expected, they were all very shiny and veiny. One wasn't so veiny but had quite a bit of shine. She said the shine goes away with use. I really wanted a nice thick smooshy deep rich black bag, these bags lately are anything but that.

    So, my questions are:
    - should I wait until the leathers improve?
    - will the shininess really go away?
    - is there a way to make a not so great leathered bag the way you want it to look?

    Any advice/help is so appreciated!
  2. You should read the treads about "lubriderm" or "apple conditioner",I'm sure it's the answer to your question!Hope this helps!
  3. hi... i think i may be a black expert.

    i have.. lets see.. umm.. five black bbags.. gosh.... i keep buying black..

    heres the run down.. city SS04, first SS 05, city SS 05, weekender FW 05, and the newest one i have is a work FW06

    of all the bags.. i have to say that my work is the thickest leather... isnt that weird? but the softest smoothest slouchy one is the 04, followed by the SS05, then the FW05s. the 05s all are very rich deep black. the 06 work is a less rich black and a little shiney, but its still sort of new. none of my bags are veiny, but some have panels that are more textured than other panels. does that make sense? and i dont really have a favorite.. i like them all for their differences...
    sorry for being so confusing,, but if you are looking for a deep rich black, soft leather... i would think about looking for an 05 bag.

    if you want a real thick smooth great bag, but not deep black, go for a FW06. i would skip SS06, those bags tend to be thinner.
    oh and one more thing.. i have noticed that on the 05 black bags, the hardware is warmer and brighter... on the 06 bag, its a darker brass.

    hope this helps!
  4. ps.. i would skip the lubriderm... i think that putting "non leather good products" on your bags can actually cause the leather to rot over time..
    sounds gross, but may be true. i would stick to apple leather products, or loving my bags products.. but really, on a new bag.. just use it and it will get less shiney over time.
  5. Well, these were FW06 that I was looking at. I really want to get it but I am afraid the SS and FW07 bags will look great.

    And I really don't want to go through ebay or wherever and get a used bag which I would have to do to get some nicer 05 or earlier leathers.

    All the 06 blacks look kind of ashy and grey.....will these darken over time? Because if the shininess isn't too bad and it will darken that might be fine.
  6. then you should wait... see what the next season brings. But you still sometimes can find new older bags in stores.. i just bought a new 05 weekender from Bal ny. they do keep older stock until it sells.
  7. Oh, wow, thanks Toni that's really good to know because I will be in the city before the end of the year and had planned to visit BalNY. I think I should wait. Do they have a lot to choose from? Like if I go they could show me a lot of the same bag to choose from?
  8. So I just called BalNY to ask them when they will be getting spring bags and she said December! that's soon! I think I'll take my chances and wait until then to have my pick of more than just a few Bbags!

    Oh, the agony of waiting....
  9. I got a fabulous FW06 black city from BNY two weeks ago. It is very thick and smooth, not veiny and shiny. I actually like the leather better than my 05 bags. I thought I would never find the perfect bag but they do exist ;) .

    G/L with your hunt...
  10. I got two bag recently and both of them have very nice leather, thick and soft and matte. The BI work is very smooth and the black city has kind of pebbly look. I really like the black one since it doesn't have this "new" bag look and it's really very cool looking. I got them from Bal NY and according to them, the leather will be more consistently good from now on....:yes:
  11. It seems the leathers we're not liking are more common in black. Because I bought my first Bbag a few weeks ago, a camel, and the leather is lovely and thick and rich. But I have seen no blacks like that yet IRL.

    But when I called BalNY she told me most blacks are like this now, with a few in the bunch being like you described livethelake and wowo.

    It's good to hear (and I hope it's true) that the leathers will be better in the future, I'm sure enough people are turning down bags because of it, I know I have rejected 4 bags already!

    I will continue my quest for the perfect black city, I mean it's too much money to spend on a bag if you don't LOVE the leather, right?
  12. Re my black city has weird leather combination. The front part is smooth and matt while the back portion is distressed. Mine definitely is not perfect but I love the way it hangs.

    I reckon the perfect black city would be a bit shiny leather, thick and smooth with shiny brass hardware.

    Heres my black city (nothing great abt it)
    blk city.JPG
  13. i can only contribute to that the shineness does go away through use
  14. Hm. I like the shiny leather. As long as its soft and squishy still. I have a black day from 05 and its matte, but I don't like it as much as the glossy leather.
  15. Hi: I just got a FW06 black City from Daphne at BalNY and it is really gorgeous. The leather is really smooth, thick and smooshy. I'm really a Chloe person just getting into Balenciaga, but this bag has made me want another one!!