help...leather date/serial number tabs co-ordinated with bag??

  1. Hi there girls...I was wondering if anybody had any views on this...I was wondering if anybody else has seen a date code/serial number tab that is the same color as the leather of the bag...for example, a brown Paddy with a brown leather serial number/date code tab (exactly same color of leather) sister-in-law bought her paddy from BG or NM (not sure which now), but definitely one of the two...and her bag is like this...but most of the other paddies that I've seen have the "beige" leather tab with the numbers embossed...I'm really confused now, HELP!!!:confused1:
  2. My black silverado has a date code/serial number tab on the same leather as the bag, black. I would say it is the exact same leather.
  3. yes, I've seen this on the black ones before...but only once with another color that I know for sure is authentic...but then again, I've seen plenty of fakes with "beige" serial number's really very confusing...Chloe sure did do a great job confusing everyone...:shrugs:
  4. I have 2 Edith Messengers and both the serial tags located inside the zippered pocket looks to be done in the same leather as the bag itself, however, my Edith Hobo's serial tag is done in a beige color...All 3 Ediths were purchased at Holt Renfrew in Toronto, Canada... I hope this clears up some confusion.
  5. Thank you for your input...yes, that does clear up alot of confusion for me as well...I have a paddy that I know is authentic (bought from NM) and it has the serial number tag in the same color leather, I've been noticing it more lately...why are there so many discrepancies in the's a girl to know if her Chloe is real if the experts don't even have any "written in stone" guidelines to go by???:wtf:
  6. I would say that Chloe are inconsistent for the same reason as other major brands that are attacked by fakers, so that it is more difficult to start producing convincing copies of their current bags quickly.