help leather bubbled on corner of new bag???

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  1. I bought the eggplant and grey MAB from the Gilt sell. Have been trying to decide rather to keep it or not. Well this weeked I said yes and took it out. Loved it. But now I have notice the leather is raised and bubbled were the bag slouches on the side.Just the one corner. The other three corners are just fine. It was not like this until I used it this weekend. I am just sick. What do I do??? I know it is a flaw in the leather on that corner and it will get worse. I used it 3 whole days.:confused1:
  2. Pics?
  3. Please do post pics! But Gilt does not do refunds, I am not sure though :confused1:
  4. No Gilt does not do refunds. Does any one know how RM handles product defect?
  5. Did you waterproof the bag? Was it exposed to water at all? That's real odd it bubbled so quickly.
  6. Pictures would really help, thanks!
  7. Any pictures? confused on the bubble part. Thanks
  8. I've never heard or seen such a thing. Would you please provide pics?