Help! Least expensive place to find a Kooba Sienna in Desert

  1. ;)
  2. Hi! has it on sale for $476.00. There's no tax or shipping and their customer service people are very nice.
  3. Just wanted to let you know that this particular color/treament of Kooba leather STAINS very easily! The Desert is beautiful, yes. But, the bag will look terrible only after a few weeks of use.

    My friend's stained in several places on the first day of being carefully carried! Thank goodness she purchased it from Bloomingdales, and they accepted the return.
  4. I don't know, I pretreated mine and haven't had any staining at all... did your friend pretreat it?
  5. No~~she was afraid to ruin the color or texture of the leather. What did you use to pretreat yours with?
  6. Hi! Since I just recently began buying better bags, know very little about these sorts of things, and am quite a slob, I relied on recommendations on this site for the Shining Monkey spray (before all the controversy) and must say that it's worked very well on all of my new bags - it's even kept my white IF stain-free (which is quite a challenge!). The real bag people, though, seem to use the Appleguard, which I'll try when I'm out of the Shining Monkey.
  7. Thanks everyone it was for a friend. She bought one on ebay
  8. I'd bought one on ebay, too, only it was fake (which is how I found JCMadison and this forum and now have a real one!). Hope that she has better luck than I did!