HELP!! LE bags

  1. What is the easiest way to discover LE bags in enough advance to wait list for them? I noticed that the LV website does not post up coming bags, unless I'm missing something.
  2. the best way is to read the threads on this board. These ladies and gents have more knowledge than most SAs. :yes: We're obsessed and not too much gets by us......
  3. WAY TOO OBSESSED! You can also ask your local LV about upcoming bags and accessories. BUT, the guys and gals here usually know A LOT more then the stores do!
  4. Yeah just keep checking here for the new info. I remember way back when, mattd7474, Michelle1025, John 5 and I all had info on the Miroir Lockits and no one believed it, then pics started surfacing, THEN people started asking their stores to start wait lists for them lol. If a store says a certain thing isn't being made or whatever, do just ask to have them put you on a "just in case" list so you can be sure you'll be first.
  5. I found about all my LE bags here. These guys and gals know everything! I even had a chance to own a miroir lockit because of one tPFer. It's a great way to access the market as well if a particular bag is truly and really going to be limited. It saddens me to see limited editions in elux like the perfo and dentelle.
  6. That is a great idea! Thanks Lvbabydoll!
  7. Thank you soooo much everyone! I was curious because I was able to get a Mirage Speedy after deciding rather late, but I know I may not be so lucky again!!!

  8. I believed :tup:
  9. I agree TPF is your best news source for LV - Its been a lifesaver for me!
  10. I get all my information HERE!
  11. This is THE most reliable source ANYWHERE for what's up & coming at LV! This was the only way I was able to get a Pomme Heart, the Mirroir Lockits and Damier Sophie. Even when my SA would tell me she didn't have any info-I pressed her to put me on the list and I got what I was after! LOVE LOVE LOVE this site!
  12. Ah yes, you were one of the few! :flowers:
  13. Ita!!
  14. The forum members here are certainly a wealth of LV information!! I greatly appreciate all of the effort that the members put in with regards to their research and postings for any L.E. items. Thank you!!