Help! Lanvin flat boot - made in Portugal?

  1. The site is wrong, the boots are correct! All my Lanvins are made in Portugal
  2. Mooks, thanks for the quick confirmation, now i can enjoy it :smile: yay
  3. I'm so jealous!! ;)
  4. Wow, in portugal? :okay:There are tons of shoe shops where I live most locally made, never thought they actually made designer stuff here.
  5. Hey, maybe you'll find a back door to the Lanvin factory :graucho:
  6. Lucky! I want a pair SO badly. I stalk Barneys website constantly hoping, wishing, praying for an 8.5 or 9 to pop up!!!
  7. ^^^ Me too!!!
  8. me too! i'm waiting for a 6, 6.5, or a 7 to pop up. i actually felt a surge of hope when i saw them on Barney's, and then when they didn't have my size......ughhh