Help ladies

  1. I ordered the Lily and recieved her yesterday. I am not loving her. She is too big for me. I am only five foot. My husband thinks it looks like a duffle bag on me. So I am going to return her.:tdown: I was wondering about the Bleeker duffles. I think that is what I will replace her with. Does anyone have the medium size? if so will you let me know how you like her. The large duffle is she too big also? I also want an opinion about the colors. Thanks for the help in advance.:heart:
  2. Sorry to hear you aren't happy. I don't have the bleecker, it's not my thing at all but I know a lot of the girls on here have purchased and posted about them, I am sure someone can post some help. Good LUck! :tup:
  3. Aww tha'ts a shame. I hear they're making a small version of the Lily tho so keep an eye out! I personally don't like the Bleeker duffles. They hang too low and the circle bottom just seems, I dunno, weird.
  4. Hi coachaddict, I'm sorry you don't like your Lily, but I just had to share that I got mine yesterday, love it and I'm 4'11. I hope you find the perfect bag.
  5. The good thing about Coach is you can think about it and return when you like. I would definitely hang on to it and go look at the Bleekers when they come in. I've found with handbags that I have to try them on and make sure they feel and look okay (I'm abou 5 ft. tall too).
  6. Sorry you don't like your Lily! I got mine yesterday and I'm in love! She's a big bag though so if youre not loving her and especially for the price definately find something you love more. Maybe the smaller version of the Lily that they are coming out with next year will work better for you. Sorry I can't help with the bleekers, I'm not a fan of these bags...
  7. I HAD a bleecker duffle in chocolate brown signature, medium size and RETURNED her....she was just too ROUND for me and didnt lay right on my body....Also I didnt like how the shoulder strap adjusted b/c it kind of "puffed out" on the sides. I like last years duffles MUCH better...if you want to see pics, PM me w/ your email and I will send you some!
  8. I personally dont like the Bleeker duffels (from the photos I've seen, anyway!) Dont like the round bottom, and I think some of the straps on the Bleekers look a little too long for me. I'm 5" and short-waisted, and I dont want a bag that's going to bang into my butt as I walk!
  9. Thanks ladies for all the great info. Although I loved the look of the Lily I told myself if I wasn't completely satisfied I would return it. I am a SAHM and have lots of things to carry around ie diaper bag, purse, kid. and it just didn't fit into my lifestyle. I took her back today and the ladies in our Coach store here all yelled at me for returning her but was happy about my misfortune because they wanted it. One SA carried it around on her shoulder the whole time I was there. So I am sure Lily will get a great home and be appreciated. Here is the great part though. I managed to get the medium leather bleeker bag in ink and the checkbook wallet to match, the signature bleeker duffle in tan /coal, the tattersal pony tail scarf and last but not least the signature tote that is chocolate brown/bronze. I even got six dollars back in change. Isn't that crazy I got three bags for the cost of what I paid for one. So I am satisfied. I tried on the medium bleeker and the large bleeker that they had in the back and really liked how the medium fit me and I even scored a new catalog. :tup:
  10. Hope you enjoy your new bags!! I like some of the bleeker line, just not interested in the duffle due to the round bottom.. but love some others, and like the fact that the strap is longer!! I love the look of the Lily, but that is one heavy/big bag, and you'd better be gaga over it for the price!!:yes:
  11. Here is the new pics of the bags I received today. I really like all three. I am not quite sure about the ink yet, but I love the signature Bleeker and the signature tote. The tote has a bronze sparkle to it and it is so pretty. The pictures don't do it justice online. I didn't expect the stripe to be shimmery.
    DSCN0780 1.JPG DSCN0782 1.JPG DSCN0786 1.JPG