Help! Ladies with the "Hybrid" Flap..

  1. The ones with the new chain and soft, distressed caviar, do you have problems with the colors running, transferring?
    I just got mine in the brown, I love the color and the distressed finish. A chanel card inside the bag suggested not to wear with light colored clothing. Do you ladies have any problems?:confused1: TIA.
  2. I have this bag in red and in black, neither had a card that said not to wear with light colored clothes. So far I haven't had a problem at all. I've worn them with both light and dark clothing. I wonder why my bags didn't come with this card saying not to wear with light clothes, I wonder if they just started putting that card in?
  3. Thank you DD101. I wonder if it's just the brown finish?
  4. IDK Savannah, I would think red is a color that would be bound to transfer. Did you just by this bag? I'll have to ask my SA about this color transfer thing, and I also want to know why both my bags didn't have this card. maybe someone else who has this bag can chime in and sya if they have the card, what color bag, and if they had problems.
  5. Yes, it just came by FedEx from Saks today. I may just have to return it if that's the case.
  6. Ok, maybe it is something new. Like I said, I have wornm both my flaps with light and dark colors, and so far ok. I wonder if it is only the brown? What a shame, the washed caviar is my favorite!
  7. I know, I'm so disappointed. I love the softness of the bag. I have one in white,I love it.
  8. My red one came w/ this tag too. I am also concerned but I have not used mine yet so I do not know if the color does come out.
    The brown (as far as I remember) is pretty light...not dark. I don't think you would have a problem. It is such a beautiful bag!
    Did you get yours at Saks BH? My friend just returned the jumbo there this past week...I wonder if it is the same one?
  9. i have the black one, but it did not come with the far i have used it once and love it!
  10. I have the black one too and it did come with the tag. I wore a light grey blouse with it and the colour didn't come off. Try rubbing it with a towel to see if the colour rubs off first?
  11. Ok, so I took the above idea and tried it. I rubbed a piece of white cloth over the bag over and over and no color transfer. But when I rubbed it again with a slightly damp white cloth, the color did come off a bit. Not too bad, but definitely noticeable. Maybe I'll exchange the brown for the black. Hard to work her into my wardrobe. Love the softness of this leather though!!
  12. hmm, I've been wanting this bag in white for so long. That wouldn't be a problem with color transfer would it??
    Savannah, good luck whatever you decide.
  13. Good idea to get the black instead. It's so lovely in person and the leather is just so soft and nice. I love mine so much. Good luck!
  14. I think there will be a risk of colour transfer as long as there is white involved. But if you really love it, just make sure you take precautions whenever you handle her.