Help Ladies: Which color to get?


Which color for my new Hobo?

  1. Black (classic, work-appropriate, but dull)

  2. Bluet (fantastic color, but a little 'crackly')

  3. Grey (classic color, alternative to black)

  4. Grenat (smooshy leather, but another red bag...?)

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  1. Hi! I have a Rouille Twiggy (the infamous color/leather-changing one) and I'm looking to get a big bag for school and stuff. I'm really petite so I've ruled out the Work and the City, and most certainly the Courrier.

    I'm (almost) definitely getting the Hobo/Day bag from Barneys NY in Beverly Hills this weekend. I just called them and here's what they have in stock:
    1. Black
    2. Lilac
    3. Rouille
    4. Bluet (Cornflower?)
    5. Grey (not Greige)
    6. Grenat (only new-season one they have)

    My dilemma is that while I'm interested in getting the Bluet (love, love, love the color!), I really love the leather on the Grenat. I was there last weekend and the Grenat had incredibly smooshy, thick leather.

    I'm also looking for something more understated, so Bluet might be too "pop" for that. But I think a Black hobo would be a little boring. Should I get the Grenat? But I already have a reddish bag (the Rouille) and I won't be getting another Balenciaga for some time. How about Grey? Would Grey be a good understated, meetings-appropriate bag? Or Grenat? Or Bluet? Or Black?

    Help! You ladies have been so helpful in all my other questions and this is my biggest question yet!
  2. i'm trying to decide for myself too and i'm most drawn to grey. but i have a bit of a grey obsession going on, just because i'm not that fond of black and it's a nice alternative. goes with everything too.
  3. Black isn't boring, it's sexy, and I love how sleek and sophisticated it looks in the hobo style! Go black!!!
  4. Go for the grey.
  5. Grenat. It's a pretty color and it goes well with a FW wardrobe. My Bordeaux gets plenty of use in Autumn and goes with a lot too.
  6. ashley...I'm voting for the grey. I thnk it would be gorgeous in the day.
  7. Black!
  8. Grey
  9. My vote is for the grey
  10. ashley, i pick black, because i think if you are using it for school, you won't have to worry so much about getting it dirty. grey would be my second color choice... but black beats it by a hair, since black is an essential classic color. i like grenat too, but since you already have a bag in the red family color.
  11. I picked grenat because (1) SoCal's grenat Day is gorgeous (2) Though is it technically another red, it is so different from the Rouille that I didn't even think of them being similar & (3) I love the Grenat.
    I have a Rouille Twiggy (thanks to falling in love with the posts of your Rouille Twiggy) and a Grenat Purse. I love the color of both and though both could be year round, I plan to use the Grenat more for fall/winter and Rouille for Spring/Summer (I wear brighter colors for Spring/Summer). I think my second choice of all those colors would be black (I love black hobos and that pic of Lilo's was so pretty). Let us know what you decide!
  12. how about INK?! sorry that's not even one of your options, but I know a pfer is selling an ink hobo on ebay right now. it's sorta like black, but WAY COOLER! the grenat is a little similar to the rouille (red family).
  13. i voted BLACK... i actually dont know why... probably because i didnt read the question properly! LOL SORRY... yeah black or grey! good luck
  14. Black is so versatile, as is grey. I prefer black.
  15. THANKS EVERYONE!! But here is an UPDATE on my dilemma:

    I called Balenciaga NY and they have the Day bag in...
    > SAPIN (Forest green)
    > BLUEBERRY (The infamous true royal blue)
    > TRUFFLE (Dark brown...again, dark, classic, work-appropriate)
    > ORIGAN (Oh my gosh, pre-spring 06!!!!)

    And Balenciaga NY doesnt charge tax for out-of-state shipping (I'm in Los Angeles), which makes it only $1010 after shipping is factored in, which is still cheaper than buying it at Barneys Beverly Hills, because they charge tax.

    WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET NOW??? (Please keep voting in the poll, or just name one of the abovementioned colors!!!)

    THANKS!! :heart: