Help ladies! What do you think of this bag?

  1. I can't decide if this is weird looking or uniquely different. The price is great too so Im so tempted.

    Pls give me your honest opinion. Anyone who has this same style? Help!
  2. i saw it too but i thought it looks a tad odd. saw a similar one on eBay with a white purse in front
  3. Not a fan, JMO.
  4. It looks backwards or something...Not very cute, imo...
  5. Thank you shopalicious82, shoebuyer37 and jfhave for the quick response. Appreciate your forthrightness.:yes:

    Nobody has bought this bag? Is this something still in the stores? anyone?
  6. I've never seen this bag before, and I agree, it does have an odd look to it.
  7. I think it's odd looking too.
  8. I think it is odd looking too. It just doesn't flow with me. :nogood:
  9. I looks a bit odd
  10. doesn't do it for me.
  11. it's not doing it for me either, sorry
  12. sorry, me neither!
  13. Don't like it. It's looks a bit odd, sorry.
  14. acks not feeling it... a friend of mine got the black on white version and i thought it looked odd.
  15. hmmm no from me :p