Help Ladies! Vivienne Tam Interview!

  1. Ok, so Monday I have an interview for a SA position at the new Vivienne Tam store in SoHo and I don't know what to wear!! This is my freshman year of college so this job is kind of a big deal to me and I'm freeking out. Any outfit ideas? Should what I wear reflect the "look" of the company or should I be basic black pencil skirt black blouse and patent leather wedge shoes? I was thinking of wearing black skinny pants and black boots with a cute blue/gray/black pattern blouse I have from H&M is this ok or not dressy enough for an interview? Suggestions appreciated!!
  2. i would go with a black skirt and plain top but funky jewellery and jacket so it doesnt look too boring.
    i have an interview on monday too! good luck!
  3. Good luck on your interview, I would say wear something that represents the companies style and be confident. Let us know if you get it...
  4. Great advice :tup:

    Good luck !!
  5. ok so heres a pic of one outfit I came up with but I'm not sure if its really interview appropriate I feel like it might be too casual,what do u ladies think? I am having the HARDEST time finding something.
  6. ^I think that is CUTE!
    The only other advise I have to offer is to do research on TAM case they ask u about her her
  7. do you have a blazer you could put with the outfit so that it doesnt look too casual.
  8. ^ i was thinking that too.