HELP LADIES!!!! Question about eLUX and LV

  1. Hey Girlies,
    This question goes out to anyone who has purchased a LV from eLuxury. Did any of your bags come with plastic on the handles or anywhere else on the bag? Also, how lose/tight is your dust bag for your LV? I only ask since I NEVER see plastic on anything purchased from a LV store. And my dust bag is SUPER tight on my bag. I appreciate your responses. Thanks!! :biggrin:
  2. My BH from eluxury came with plastic on the handles.
    I think at the boutiques they remove it- I am sure that they are shipped with plastic on the handles, since virgin vachetta stains so easily.
    My dust bag is not very snug.

    What did you get!?!
  3. I went to the LV Boutique earlier today and the bag that I wanted to see had to be brought out from the back. It had plastic on the handles.

    I think it just depends on the SA. This one didnt care. She just handed it to me plastic and all :smile:
  4. Hi, thanks for responding. I got the Manhattan GM and it hardly fits into the dust bag. I guess I should ask eLux for a larger bag. Anyway, I'm in love what that thing and I can't believe that spending so much money can make you happy instead of sad (like most people). I guess that's why we're on this forum. THANK GOD for it::biggrin: :biggrin:
  5. If you ever buy one in the Store with the plastic on handles and wanna keep it, tell the SA .....because when I saw I bought my keepall it had the plastic, but when after the SA packed it in the box...she took them off..

  6. I bought both my bags from the boutique and both of them came with plastic on the handles. At my boutique if you want a bag, they give you one out on the shelf, one that has been touched a thousand times, but my SA knows I only want "fresh" ones, so she goes to the back to get mine and it always has plastic on it.
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