Help Ladies Please

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  1. Can any of you provide me with the name of websites where I can locate pre-owned marc jacobs other than EBAY

  2. Try
  3. Well, there's; the pretty much original online authentic bag reseller (pricey, though top quality.)

    or http:// I've use them before and everything they sell is authenticated through them

    or reputable and well liked,

    or nice chain of retail reseller in NYC

    That's all I can think of at the moment, all carrying Marc Jacobs at the moment. Ebay will have the best deals though, honestly.
  4. And has new but at deep discounts.
  5. Shop Hers and Tradesy are two that I use.
  6. Google the style your looking for and then check out the sites where the style your looking for is authenticate on here if needed . However most of the good sites offer guarantees that their bags are authentic . Hope this helps

    Pre loved bags from Europe