HELP Ladies! Pink Optic Hobo

  1. It's my daughter's birthday this week and for her 12th birthday, I am buying her her first designer purse. The Small Pink Optic Hobo would be PERFECT for her. Has anyone seen this anywhere in the stores? and price? Does Coach take sales over the phone, and do they ship?

    Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks ladies!!!
  2. Yes, you can def. call any boutique or the CS toll free number (don't have it on hand, sorry) to order. In some cases, if you call the boutique, you don't have to pay shipping, but this is dependent on the store and their policies. You could also order online, but that will def. cost shipping.
    Good luck! Post pics when you get it! :smile: I got my 8 year old daughter a watercolor tote for her first :smile:
  3. I saw one on friday @ the outlet in Petaluma, CA! I dont remember how much it was though. You can call them @ 707-763-7201 and ask if they still have it. Good luck if you call because last time I called...the SA that answered wasnt very helpful and didn't really know what I was talking about when I asked about certain bags.
  4. I got my nine year old that exact bag. It is gorgeous! We picked up ours at the outlet for around $70.
  5. YES!!! that is the one... wow, only $70?! I'll have to check out my local outlet to see if it's there... I really hope I find one, I just know my mini-me will LOOOOVE it!

    Thanks everyone!
  6. Saw them at our Williamsburg outlet also. Good luck with your quest to find it =)
  7. Anyone happen to go to Leesburg Outlets this weekend?

    If so, did you see it there? and how was stock?
  8. i love that bag! haha am i the only twentysomething year old that wears it out?
  9. That bag is soo cute, I hope you find it! I'm sure your daughter will :heart: it.
  10. went to leesburg this weekend, but i did not see that bag. i got my 12 yo the hamptons patchwork satchel at the outlet. may save it as a christmas gift. good luck with your search.
  11. No! I am 30, and I only bought it for my daughter on the condition that I could borrow it.