Help ladies, opinions needed!


"H" is for horses?
Oct 10, 2006
Ok, what is the concensus out there......if I had to choose between the Small/Medium Cambon tote (black w/ white CC's) OR the luxe flap bag in black, which would it be???? :wtf: Thank you for your help!
Is the Luxe flap in metallic black or matte black? I have it in metallic and it is by far *the* most comfortable bag to carry, of all my bags. If you don't overstuff your purse you will love it.
I havent even seen the luxe flap, but I am not a flap fan... I ADORE my black/white cambon tote. I actually retied the handles so they are single, and they are PERFECT length to carry on my shoulder. It carries enough, and its not too big that stuff gets lost. I have been carrying it daily for over a year now, and I cant imagine going without!