Help ladies, opinions needed!

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  1. Ok, what is the concensus out there......if I had to choose between the Small/Medium Cambon tote (black w/ white CC's) OR the luxe flap bag in black, which would it be???? :wtf: Thank you for your help!
  2. Hard Choice... I would go for the luxe flap bag in black, but both are nice.
  3. you could get the small and med. for the same price as the luxe flap...I think? lol
    All lovely bags btw! hard to choose
  4. Yes, the lux flap is more pricey, but I would definately go for that instead of the cambon... :smile:

    But it's still a hard choice!
  5. luxe flap bag, hands down!
  6. the lux flap is sooo nice, get that!!!
  7. Luxe flap!
  8. Is the Luxe flap in metallic black or matte black? I have it in metallic and it is by far *the* most comfortable bag to carry, of all my bags. If you don't overstuff your purse you will love it.
  9. I havent even seen the luxe flap, but I am not a flap fan... I ADORE my black/white cambon tote. I actually retied the handles so they are single, and they are PERFECT length to carry on my shoulder. It carries enough, and its not too big that stuff gets lost. I have been carrying it daily for over a year now, and I cant imagine going without!
  10. It is the matte black. Sooooo much softer than the Veau Graine that I was so sad :crybaby: over.
  11. The Luxe Flap in Black!!!

    I think the small Cambon tote is way too small--totally impractical & hard to wear on your shoulder.