help, ladies, i've gotta problem

  1. i'm seriously & completely 100% obsessed with b-bags :heart: ...i really thought i'd had my fill for a while...and then today i was in duane reade of all places & spotted a model wearing the most adorable blue b-bag on their shoulder...i'm 99.9% sure it was the 1st, but it looked more navy than ink...i could tell it had been worn around the block a few times & looked even better for it :smile: ...that's the thing about these bags, the older they get, the better they look...that's one of the many reasons why my obsession grows...i just seem to want one in every color & style :blink: ...what's wrong with me?!?!
  2. You're just in love :love:

    ....(and I can relate)
  3. i thought it was love at 1st, but now it feels more like a sickness :sick:
  4. So this is what they call "love at First sight"! :roflmfao: :lol:

    Not to worry though, we ALL have it here, so to catch it from someone else is the BEST thing. And the only remedy is to buy one ASAP-Doctor Balenciaga's orders! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. oh geez, i think the doctor's orders are gonna shoot me straight into bankruptcy :blink:
  6. Albeit, you won't be alone ;)
  7. ....Just got a City but oh yeah, wanna get a twiggy too. I say make a plan for yourself, for example, I get a brand new bag every year as a birthday gift to myself. That way I do not feel so guilty and you can always tell people that it was a bithday gift (unless you come across a crazy B-Bag sale then it is justified:graucho:. )
  8. Hey, Im right in there with you. I thought oh, all I want is a City, well I got it and another. Well, a twiggy would be nice too. Yep, got it too. Man now I just need a first to finish off my collection. Got that today. The B-bag madness NEVER ends!
  9. aaallabama,

    I am not sure that it's a "sickness", but it is consuming. It is hard when the bags are just so beautiful. I am absolutely with you when you want so many things, with limited resources. When I want more handbags with no available resources, I try and reason with myself, that Balenciaga is not going out of business, there will always be more bags available, when I have the funds.

    Also think of this, if you have a few that you wear all the time, because you have only a few, then they will age faster, and look better : ) If you have a dozen that see the light of day very seldomly, they will look new forever! Does it help?? : )

    I wish you well,

  10. It is awful:yes: !! At first I wanted a b bag, any bag - I got a caramel first. Then it had to be an ink twiggy - got that. Then the ink obsession thing you know I am buying a first and a city in ink............................

  11. where are all the pics from the other balenciaga bags you bought.....
  12. I'm thinking there is a point where one's collection is "complete". I was absolutely nutso about Hermes (scarves mostly, as I'm a working girl) for about 5 years or so...getting multiples every year. I'd request them for my birthday and holidays, scouted eBay for things that were no longer available like my Black Kachinas scarf.

    Now I have thirteen orange boxes in my closet, including a cashmere/silk shawl, a twilly, and both the mousselline silk and silk twill versions in the pocket & regular square sizes. I have red, orange/yellow, green, light blue, medium blue, dark blue, violet-blue, pink, black/brown, terra cotta, so basically everything you could need.

    I could go for one in Pale Pink I don't have that and it would look great with my new Rose Box...and it is one of my favorite colors :o)

    Therefore, to have a full and complete Balenciaga collection, I'll require one of each style that I like and each bag in a different color so I have ultimate variety. So, where am I? Let's see, I have a First in 2005 Turquoise (plus matching coin purse & planet); 2002 Le Dix Hobo in Black; and my Rose Pink Box.

    To complete it I'll need a Twiggy, City, Day, clutch & wallet and I want to get a green like the seafoam or emerald of old, red/burgundy, navy blue, and brown. And I must get some of the pewter colored hardware, either they reissue it, or I'm on the hunt for some "vintage" treasures. My bases should be covered then, eh?
  13. There is nothing wrong with you. They are very hard to resist. The colors are gorgeous! They're like potato chips. You can't just have one!
  14. We all got similiar problems like yours. :graucho:

    I kept telling myself that I need B-bags in all sizes but so far (thank god) I only like the First and City. Now... I just need to snatch up on all those wonderful colors. This is just like collecting baseball cards! :roflmfao:
  15. RockSteady.. TRUST me, I know from experience - it won't stop there! LOL.