Help Ladies! How do I spice up this dress?

  1. [​IMG]

    So I'm finally about to get this Ann Taylor dress (I still need to show you all pictures of the green dress I also bought from Ann Taylors). My BF's being extra nice to me because he's trying to convince me to go to VA with him (long story), and I love it like it is but I was thinking - do you ladies think a scarf around the mid-section would spice it up a bit? No? Or yes, and what colors?
  2. Mmm, how about a pale green scarf or a floral (medium to dark) blue and white scarf?
  3. Scarf would be good, how about chunky jewelry, like bracelets, a coral necklace would be really pretty
  4. Pale green definitely came to mind!

    I like that! Maybe I can find some example pictures online. . .
  5. I'd do it up with accessories. Maybe gold/coral, or silver/blue.

    Or, you could get really loud colored shoes.

    Also, make-up could play a large role in the overall effect as well. :smile:
  6. I would do a square belt, do you know what i mean??
  7. Beautiful dress. I agree with BagLovingMom. I would do some chunky jewelry. And/ OR FABULOUS colored shoes!

    Personally, I don't think I like the scarf idea, makes me think you are trying to cover up something. I'd prefer a belt over the scarf.

    You'll look amazing!
  8. [​IMG]Something colorful like these would be awesome, what do you think? Then you wouldn't even need a necklace. I always believe Less is More.
  9. [​IMG]I LOVE the other ones but these are more affordable....
  10. Holy &*@. I hadn't even thought of that! Thanks Minnie, that's such a great idea.

    True, true.
  11. So cute! Oh man. I want color and more color! You guys are so much better at this than I am, lol.
  12. Yes!! Man. . .I've got a serious hunt ahead of me.
  13. Pictures of my new dress. Sorry, crappy photography again. I wish I could've modeled it ON me, but there's no body length mirror in my dorm :/
    dress 001.jpg dress 002.jpg dress 003.jpg dress 004.jpg
  14. a scarf with matching color or similar colored strappy sandals for the white dress
  15. Oooh I like the new dress, I love the wide belt idea, they're so popular these days. Some wood bracelets would be a pretty contrast there's some pretty and cheap ones at the Gap. You'll look great whatever you go with!! Also BR for inexpensive jewelry and Urban Outfitters!!
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