HELP ladies!! Has anyone seen this wristlet?

  1. My boyfriend got me a wristlet as a present a while ago. Unfortunately, it was completely not my style so I decided to sell it off when we broke up. So now a few months later, bf and I are back together and he wants to know what I did with the wristlet (he had spent a lot of time looking for it etc so it has sentimental value)!! I don't have the heart to tell him I sold it so I need to find a replacement ASAP, but I don't know when this came out (should I look in the stores? outlets?) Has anyone seen this wristlet lately??

    On a side note - I can't believe I have to buy this darn wristlet again!! LOL the things we do for love :push:

  2. LOL..... too funny. Have you tried eBay? I haven't seen them anywhere else.
  3. I THINK I saw that one is at the outlets, not totally sure though.
  4. I believe I saw these at the outlets last months. They usually have a good selection of wristlets so hopefully it will still be there. Good luck!
  5. What outlets did you all see them at? Maybe I can call them and get them to send me one!

    LOL talk about learning lessons the hard way =(
  6. Gilroy
  7. Yeah, check the outlets ... if they don't have the exact one, I'm sure they have one that's pretty close! :biggrin: if the color is a little bit off, tell him it changed with time.
  8. ^ LOL I REALLY want to get the dark brown version of this wristlet.. but I doubt he'd be dense enough to believe it developed that much of a "patina" :roflmfao:
  9. i saw this exact one at the outlets (wrentham, ma) going for about 34
  10. I have a feeling it would still be at the outlets, the camel bags are out for spring so it makes sense to have the wristlets too.
  11. cabazon, ca outlet is where I saw it and it was alot cheaper than the one listed above on eBay. Oh and they won't ship to you unless you are in an outlet already, they have to have the credit card in hand. Lame!
  12. i'm just amazed a guy would even REMEMBER what it looked like! lol. my ex just knew he me bought a purse. i don't think he could have remembered if his life depended on it!

    good luck finding it!
  13. I coulda sworn it was at macys.... I'm positive it was... Macys Herald Square if you re in NY
  14. Lol, too funny.
    Haven't seen it at my outlet.
    I'd check ebay.