Help ladies, going to the LV store in an hour!!

  1. Hi, Okay all, I think I"m going to buy my first LV this morning and would love some advice from everyone....

    I want a everyday shoulder bag and I like the batgniolles Horizontal but am worried about not having a zipper, thoughts? Do you think that would be a big issue? I did love how it fit and it felt very comfortable in the store the other day.

    The other bag that was suggested to me was the Mesa, but I think that might be too big? I haven't seen that one in person.

    And then there's the Popincourt Haut, that looked cute too from pictures on their website. Sorry if I'm not spelling these models right.

    And my last question of the day, do you ladies, think owning a LV is worth all the money compared to other designers? Thanks for all your input in advance!
  2. There is a couple of new shoulder bags coming out on Nov 1st that zip, I would wait for them, they are both gorgeous! But if you cant wait then the BH is a great choice, and yes LV is worth it , classic and very durable!
  3. Thanks for the speedy reply!

    Yes, I decided that I"m going to buy the BH, I just loved it in the store. If only it had a zipper, I think it would be the "perfect" bag for me.

    I didn't know that about the two new bags coming out, hmmm, now I"m in a dilemna this morning. Yikes, patience isn't my strongsuit. LOL I had gotten all ready to purchase this morning.

    Is there any way you think that I could see pics of the new bags coming out? Do you think they look prettier then the BH?
  4. Ooooo Congrats on going to get your first LV - that's so exciting! All the bags you mentioned are great choices and I don't think you can go wrong with a BH. Personally I went for the Popincourt Haut as my first and I love that - definitely worth the money:p. Let us know what you get!!!! (and pictures if possible :graucho:).
  5. I like the batignolles, but if you are looking for somthing with a zipper i would wait for the new bags that are coming out. The palmero and tivoli. Maybe when you go to the store today you can ask your sales associate to show you a picture of them. They are both on my to buy list for this year.
  6. BH is a great choice! and LV is definitely worth it!
  7. Thanks for the support ladies, can you tell, I"m a little worried about spending so much on a handbag and then having buyer's remorse later? I've just been spending so much on handbags this past year.... But, I really think this LV would be my last purchase for a long time. I hope.

    I think as long as I absolutely love the handbag, then it's worth every penny. I'll know after I get it home for a week or two and then I"ll be sure to post with all the details.

    Who am I kidding, you ladies have been so nice, I"ll be posting later this afternoon when I get home from the store with all the details. LOL I hope I don't "chicken" out of buying one today.
  8. BH for sure. It is a great shoulder bag and starting out piece! Can't wait to see what you decide on!
  9. The BH is a great bag. It was my 1st LV and I love it. I have no problems with it being an "open top"
  10. Wait for the new bags!
  11. I'd get the BH... it's a functional bag at a great price!
  12. I think the Batignolles Horizontal is a great shoulder bag. It's big and fits comfortable on the shoulders. I have lots of bag that don't zip up and I'm comfortable with that but if you're not, maybe consider something else. I actually like no zippers on bags because it's easier to grab stuff when you're in a rush. The Popincourt Haut is cute but I found that it was too small. There are tons of options so spend some time trying on different bags.
  13. I did it ladies, I bought my first LV this morning and absolutely no buyers remorse here. Thanks for all your support again.

    I bought the bagniolles Horitontal and think it's just adorable. Yes, I agree, I don't think I"m going to miss the zipper. I think I just wanted it, but , didn't need it.

    It was funny at the store, one of the customers I think knew I was a little nervous about spending so much money on a bag especially being that I"m a stay at home mom and always have other places to use money etc..., but, she was wearing the BH and couldn't stop talking about how much she loves hers. That finally did it when I heard that. She definetely wasn't a SA plus all the great reviews on this website.

    Whenever I buy a new handbag, I need to take it home and can tell within hours, If I"m going to love it or just keep it in my closet/need to return it. This is definetely a keeper!!!!!
  14. Glad you got one you like!! I'm a SAHM, too and use my LV's all the time.
  15. yay, congrats! great choice ... post pics when you can.