Help Ladies! CarolDiva says YES everyone here says NO.

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  1. Hi,

    I have posted here before about this and also on the authenticate forum and need some speedy help.

    The problem is most of the ladies here said it looked fake (I am not quite sure what were the points) and then I decided to have caroldiva authenticate it and she says it is real. Can you have a look at it again? There are no more pictures of the bag. I really need this done super fast.

    I really really like this Prada bag but haven't seen it around. The lady can't find the cards and so it doesn't come with it unless she manages to find it. The lady that is selling it doesn't know much about it and wants payment fast.

    She has sold several other bags and has been on ebay since Dec 06 with 11 feedback 100% ratings. I contacted another buyer and she also bought a prada bowler from this seller and authenticated it to be real on 5th Ave.

    So do you think it is authentic?

    The listing reads:
    • It is made of supple beige color leather with silver hardware ​
    • Interior is made of suede beige material​
    • Has a top closure with silver hardware clasps​
    • Comes with a lock key and dustbag​
    • Has two major interior pockets (one with zipper and one without)​
    • Has a metal protection base feet​
    • Approximate measurements: 16"L x 14"H x 8"W (top handles 7" drop)​
    This bag has only been used once and it's still in very good condition, proud to say, it is brand new. There are no wear and tear signs on the bag. This is guaranteed authentic or your money back (no questions asked).
    PAYMENT METHOD: Paypal only.
    SHIPPING METHODS: Domestic will be shipped via USPS for $8 (insurance is additional). International will be shipped via airmail for $22.
    RETURN POLICY: If not satisfied with the item, Item must be shipped within 5 business days. Please send me a note and will refund your money minus the shipping incurred. Please be patient and give Paypal a couple of days to release the funds. ​

  2. Hey Ladies, Hope you can help out this one. I really really really like this bag but don't know if I should just forget it or just take the dive even knowingly that it may be fake since so many of you said it was although Carol Diva said otherwise. So is it that obvious it is a fake (as per the old thread where some of you said 99.9% fake) or it isn't?

    I don't think my local prada would know how to authenticate this one so I may have to just carry a bag that at the back of my mind is in limbo in terms of its authenticity. What should I do? Hope you ladies can offer some advice. Please heeeellp.
  3. My advice? Return it.
  4. n/m
  5. PS: CarolDiva specializes in LV and Coach.
  6. kiki119 what is n/m?
  7. so Prada Psycho, you really still think it is a fake? Ok then :sad:
  8. n/m=nevermind... I was wondering if you had ever posted on the AT thread?

    .... I am not an MM expert... but something just seem off :shrugs:

    I am with PP... I would return it....
  9. When in doubt, return. I'd hate to have to spend that kind of $ w/o some peace of mind. I know the hard part is you really like the bag but what's the point if you like a bag and it's fake? Trust me, there are great frame bags out there by Prada that are real on *bay and consignment shops. You just have to do your homework first. Having peace of mind is better to me than having even a shred of doubt that you're carrying an imposter.
  10. I asked caroldiva again and even said I posted in the tpf forum and again she replied:
    "As I said before, I would consider it authentic."

    I would love to believe her but what you guys are saying is making me definately lean towards not taking it. It is for $400 which i think it is quite a steal if it is real.
  11. I've heard some people on the forum (not this one) say they've taken bags into boutiques. They tell the SA that the bag was given to them by a relative and they want to know if it's authentic. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have no experience in this but I guess it depends on what kind of SA you encounter at that time.
  12. ^^^Bad call for a couple of reasons, A. First, Prada SAs are not allowed to make authentications. Second, most SAs can't spot a fake unless it's pretty blatant. It's a very fine art keeping up with the details of Prada bags and using that info to spot discrepancies.
  13. I know they're not allowed to make auth calls. I just know that some members in the chanel subforum have done this at Chanel boutiques and it's worked. Crazy I know. I know none of the boutiques have this as protocol.

    I wish all SA's knew all the little nuances of bags like we do.
  14. I wish they knew Prada bags like we do. Have you ever noticed that you/me/we always know more about Prada bags than the SA (we're talking authentic Prada here)? :whistle:
  15. sherryloh - it sounds like you REALLY want this bag (and I agree it's a good price) and desperately want it to be genuine. I know CarolDiva says it's genuine (and I respect her business) but as PP has pointed out, she's not an expert in Prada whereas the authenticators here look at literally hundreds of Prada bags. How will you feel if you always have that nagging doubt in the back of your mind? I know how hard it is to pass up a bargain, but it's no bargain if there's a chance it's fake. Just my 2 cents worth...