Help Label pick a bag....


Help! Which bag?

  1. Silver Miroir Pochette

  2. Gold Miroir Pochette

  3. White Shirley

  4. Red Epi Pochette

  5. Pearl Limelight

  6. Gold Limelight

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  1. Some of you may remember last year I went to a celeb charity handbag auction well it's happening again next week

    I am faced with the dilema of what bag do I take??

    I'm thinking of either wearing a black DVF short wrap dress or a long Dolce & Gabana Lace overcoat dress either way it'll be a black outfit

    Here are my options:-

    Silver Miroir Pochette
    Gold Miroir Pochette
    White Shirley
    Red Epi Pochette
    Pearl Limelight
    Gold Limelight
  2. Gold Limelight!!
  3. another vote for the gold limelight
  4. What are you accessorizing with ? Definitely one of the limelights, I'd pick the one that matches the tone of your jewellery !
  5. Gold limelight
  6. Gold Limelight!
  7. wow you guys are fast

    I haven't decided that yet but I have both white & yellow gold so I can match that to the bag lol

    Shoe's would prob be either that's Love heels in black or D&G Black peeptoes with a crystal detail
  8. Gold Limelight ... it'll certainly be "Wow!" with a black outfit!
  9. my vote goes for pearl limelight!
  10. Ooooh picking out a bag is exciting, i say gold limelight :smile:
  11. I'd go with the Gold Limelight.

    It will look *FAB* with black. :tup:
  12. Gold Limelight, it will look amazing with black. Have fun at the event.
  13. ~ITA!! I love white gold jewelry, therefore I'd go for the Pearl limelight:tup:~
  14. majority is GOLD limelighht:tup:
  15. gold limelight! it will look gorgeous with your black outfit.