HELP - Kooba Sloane OR Bulga Triple Zip Tote??

  1. Recently, my purse ban was broken by a Bulga Triple Zip Tote purchased during the sale at NM. It is a beautiful bag, I love it. :heart: Most recently, my ban was further destroyed by my purchase of a Kooba Sloane from NM. I received it this morning, now I understand the allure of Kooba. It is fabulous!! :heart::yahoo: I wish I could post pictures, but I still have not figured out how to do it, and I have tried.
    Anyway, please help me decide which to keep. I cannot, will not, (might not) keep both. One has to be returned, and the Bulga would have to be returned this week, if I understand NM's return policy correctly. I love them both, but don't need two brown bags, AND am technically still on a purse ban. (So lame) Thanks for your help????
  2. First of all "(might not) keep both" is so funny and I can totally relate :smile:
    As I understand it, don't you have something crazy like 280 days to return to NM? Even sale items? Just might give you more time...
    I don't own a Kooba, but :heart: my Bulga so I may be biased...
    Does weight matter to you? I have heard that the Sloane is a heavy bag- true? I vote for Bulga b/c I love how light mine is!!!
  3. Bulga has my vote!
  4. I thought I only had 30 days to return sale items, hmmmm. The Bulga is so light and the lining is so pretty (I'm whining). I agree, the Sloane is a heavy bag, but I have been carrying Mulberry bags and they are heavy as well. This doesn't really bother me. It's going to come down to the style of the bag. Both have such nice leather, but the Kooba smells like heaven.
  5. My vote is BULGA!
    Plus did you know the triple zip is on another markdown at Shopbop; I think you also need the Bulga in another color! (smile). BULGA BULGA BULGA!
  6. Diamond Girl, there is no doubt about your Bulga loyalty!!! I keep taking them out of their bags and displaying them. They are both incredible bags. The leather on the Bulga is the softest leather I have ever felt. But the Kooba is so cool. I will definitely have to sleep on this.
  7. Keep the bulga. Koobas (although I love them dearly) tend to be on the heavier side.
  8. I love Bulga handbags! That said, now both are brown bags true enough but I think the similarities stop there. Keep em both if you can!
  9. I love both brands. It would be hard to choose, but my sentimental attachment has always lain with Kooba. I have the triple zip and I love it. The Sloane is indeed heavy. If they were both on sale, I'd say keep them both! :tup:
  10. Toni and Jade, I soooo want to keep both, but I feel too guilty. I am supposed to be on a ban, so I don't want to totally blow it.
  11. BULGA!!!! Keep it, and think about it no more. Kooba will have many new bags to choose from later. Plus they're heavy.
  12. I love both my black kooba sloane and my bulga ruched leather tote. I would prefer sloane to the triple zip tote only because the kooba is more structured looking and I absolutely love the criss cross straps! Yes the bag is heavy but the leather is sooo thick and nice!

    Either one is a great choice though! Toss a coin and make a decision! LOL