help! kooba scarlett

  1. i don't know if i'm just not looking hard enough, but can i purchase the scarlett anywhere online other than eBay? revolve is out of stock...
  2. I don't think so. You may see an occasional one pop up in an online site but eBay is about it.
  3. if u see one u like on eBay but u're not sure abt its authenticity, just post the link on the authentic this kooba thread n someone will help u out. :smile: that's how i got mine, thanks to lexie and all. ;)

    there are a couple of cream scarletts available on ebay now i think. but i dunno if they're real, they have almost the same descriptions in the auctions, wonder who copied from whom.
  4. ill bet some will pop up from the SS today there is a secret mark so you can know it came from the SS (PM me if you want to know what it is, i dont want to say on here cause there are always ppl out to scam not good tpfers but ppl who come here for tips and tricks to sell fakes)

    but yea there will prob. be ones turning up there and if they say they are from the SS in the city and have the mark ill bet they are authentic, still post in authenticity but :smile: just an idea!