Help! Kooba leather protection!

  1. Hello all,

    Just received my Kooba Avery in Rose today and discovered that the leather easily takes to water marks when my 4 month old son spat saliva at it!

    How do you girls deal with the elements and protecting your bags?
  2. I spray all of my Koobas with Wilson leather protectant. There are many good brands out there and they give your leather some protection against water and dirt.

    I spray the entire bag once then repeat on the bottom and the handles. Makes sure you spray abit on the top edge inside of the bag too to deal with fingerprint dirt.

    I have had zero problems with waterspots and yes, I do take my Koobas out in the rain (but hide them abit under my jacket).

    Good luck, that is a great bag you have chosen.
  3. It must take a LOT of care. I just saw a rose Kooba at NM yesterday and there was a black smudge on the flap! It hadn't even been purchased yet! It was a beautiful color and luxurious looking but was damaged out of the gate. I have to imagine it is hard to clean or the sa would have fixed it already.......too bad....
  4. Lovinmybags also sells leather care products safe to use at
  5. thx,
    is the leather protectant spray ok on light color bags such as the rose?
  6. I bought some Wilson's spray today while Hubby bought his jackets. I should have gotten a few cans. I want to be able to have enough to do my Nicole.
  7. Do they have a Wilson's in Canada?


    i wanted to ask about the wilsons stuff,,, I have always been way too scared to spray my bags cause im too scared that it will stain my bag, or damage something ,,, OR wont work and then my bag will get damaged but if it really doesnt do ANYTHING to any leather like leave any marks then id love to spray all my bags with it just to be safe

    SOOO my Q is 1) would you use it on any leather bag?

    is this the stuff
    AND if not can you look here on the wilsons site and tell me which it is,,,

    :smile: THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. That's the stuff I bought today. Waiting to hear from SalesRep...
  10. I bought some and sprayed both of my Coach Legacy Mandy bags. No problem whatsoever. :yes:

    But...mine was an aerosol. It looks like this one may be a pump spray? If so, it might not have as fine, or as even of a spray.
  11. Yep, that's the stuff but mine is an aerosol. And I sprayed it on my Maria Terraine which is light colored. Now don't fret because AT FIRST it makes it look alittle wet (as it should). It will NOT stay that color. After an hour or so it is back to normal, but now with a thin layer of protectant.

    And spray it outside or in the garage as it is abit smelly.

    There is also a good protectant made by AppleGuard. There are threads here about that product and I have some of it too, just haven't needed it. I am about to the end of my can of Wilson and will try the Apple then.

    Here is the link for AppleGuard:
    I also own the Apple leather care kit which includes the cleaner (for really dirty bags) and the conditioner, but have not used any of it yet.

    I would say a can of Wilson might spray 6 bags. Note though that I double spray the handles and bottoms of the bags.

    I was caught out in a thunderstorm with my Maria, the back side of her was soaked. When I got inside I just wiped it off and after a few minutes of drying, she was good as new, not a spot.

    I do wonder though about other types of leather and if they are so forgiving, such as the Bonnie.
  12. Hello,
    Have you used their products on your Kooba bag?
    Would it be ok on a light color bag such as the Rose?
  13. I just ordered some Apple Garde through leatherstuff, since it seems to be highly recommended on these boards. They accept Paypal, too, which is nice. So far it's been a smooth transaction.

    I ordered a suede Kooba, and I'll be terrified to even touch the thing until I get my hands on the Apple Garde.
  14. Which product did you buy?