Help! Kooba Elisha owners, talk to me about the leather!

  1. I just got mine in the mail from an eBay seller (uptodatedenim) and the leather seems off to me compared to past Koobas I've owned. Very thin and stiff. How is the leather on your Elishas? Is it soft and buttery? Is is supple? Is it grainy looking? Is it thinner than usual Kooba leather? Maybe it's just the thinness that is throwing me off.

    I think this seller has a good rep and I THOUGHT it was too early for there to be knock-offs of this particular bag, but maybe I was wrong.

    thanks for any advice/assistance you can give!
  2. i dont have any advice cause i dont have mine yet wait for the ladies who do of course, but maybe adding some pictures, close ups of the leather, maybe it next to another high quality leather bag you own (in close ups)

    would help them to tell you more!!! :smile:
  3. Hmm. I'll take some pics. Maybe I've just become spoiled by Balenciaga smooshiness. This has zero smoosh factor.
  4. Oh my gosh, I am so surprised! I got the Dylin(I think that's the name). It's like the Elisha except on a shoulder strap. I had shoulder strap issues which is why I returned it but the quality of the leather and the smooshiness of the leather and the SMELL of the leather was completely wonderful and luxurious!
  5. CGSPRINGS what issues did you hve with the strap?!!?

    it looks like it would be so smooth and smooshy and amaazing!
  6. I loved the style of the strap (doubled - one on top of the other) but it was too wide for my shoulder and wouldn't stay on for 2 seconds!
  7. I think the Elisha/Devin/Bonnies are very soft, buttery leather from what I have been told. Post pics !
  8. I wouldn't worry about authenticity at all. No Elishas have been faked. Way too soon.
    The leather of the Elisha is much thinner than some of the other Koobas. But mine is very soft and smushy compared to say Siennas or Lenas. NOTHING is as soft and smushy as Balenciaga leather. You can't compare the two. But I am very very happy with the leather quality and softness of my Elisha.

    Koobas leathers change from season to season and bag to bag.
  9. I tried on an Elisha at Saks on Thursday and there is definitely a difference in the thickness of the leather and the weight of the bag. I still found it to be gorgeous and it was very comfortable and stayed in place on my shoulder. The main reason that I went to Saks was to return the Lena that I had gotten on sale online. It was very well priced but way too heavy for me and did not stay on my shoulder at all. There was a vast difference in the two bags..almost as if they were made by two different companies...but they aren't. I saw it myself with my own two eyes. So, not to worry.
  10. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the input. I ended up going to Nordstroms and checking out the new Koobas in person today and I'm now satisfied that mine is completely authentic. All the little details match exactly (my 9 year old daughter was mortified - "mommy, stop smelling the purse!").

    And Ciatta, you are absolutely correct about the wide variation in Kooba leather from style to style and even color to color. The blonde and white Elishas felt very similar to mine - the black was considerably smooshier.The black Devin was totally luscious! Also the leather on the white Natasha was awesome. The leather on my Elisha is thin - but that contributes to the lightness of the bag, so I think it may be an okay trade-off. I do not have the instant love I've had for my Koobas past (my Sienna has very smooshy,thick, pillowy leather) But maybe she'll grow on me.

    Again - thanks for all the reassuring info. I'm happy this seller does indeed live up to their good reputation.