HELP - Knomo Laptop Bags Shipping to the US

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  1. I am looking for a great laptop bag and I found Knomo that is based in the UK. I am in the US. I have never ordered anything from overseas so I am not sure how the whole US Customs thing works. Does anyone know how much I would be charged in duty fees by US Customs?
  2. I am sorry I don't know, but I do know Knomo bags and they are terrific - highly recommended and well worth the effort. Have you asked Knomo themselves about international shipping? They will probably be able to draw on experience with other customers in the US - I have always found them really helpful.
  3. I ordered from them before -- very quick shipping and great CS, I don't think I got slammed with duties, but give them a call theyre helpful.
  4. Thanks so much. I have emailed their customer service and they have been helpful. I just emailed them earlier today with this latest question.

    Knomo seems to be the best laptop bags out there.

    I am thinking of getting the Samara "15, does anyone have that one?