HELP! kitten has goopy eye...

  1. My Dad found a tiny kitten in a trash bag last night. Thank goodness he investigated when he heard it was crying out as it might have gone unnoticed. I brought it to my home as my parents are remodeling an unable to take care of it at the moment.

    It is very tiny, maybe three weeks old. Definitely too young to have been properly weened. I am a little concerned because its left eye is very gooey - lot of gross eye sleepies. Since today was a holiday all the vets were closed. Until I am able to get an appointment, I was wondering if anyone knew of anything I could do for the poor thing?

    He is very spry and runs and hides except when its time for a feeding. He has serious trust issues which I can imagine stems from abuse by the monster that placed him in a garbage bag.
  2. Bless you and your father for taking care of this kitty and saving its life! I would definitely get your cat into an emergency vet clinic(most are all open, even on holidays I think). Regardless, the poor thing needs to be checked out by a vet asap. It might take some time for the kitty to get used to being loved assuming the kitten might have been abused, so give your little kitty time adjusting and plenty of hugs and kisses!
  3. As a *very* interim measure, and purely as a comfort factor in cleaning the eye, my vet told me to use cold tea as a wipe for the eye. DO NOT use tea bags - put some made up tea in a saucer, let it cool down and then use cotten pads to very gently wipe away the debris from the eye.

    I have to say though, bad eyes in kittens, or any cats, can be a sign of cat flu.

    Puss definately needs to go to the vets. We had a rescue cat that lost an eye due to an infection that wasn't treated.

    Good luck and congrats on your new family member!!!

  4. You and your dad are wonderful people to save this little kitty! You are a very kind people!

    Please let us know how your kitten progesses!
  5. I'd take it to the vet for a check up...they'll probably recommend some eye drops or something. Keep us posted.
  6. It sounds like the kitty has a viral infection in his little eye-this is very common, and not serious. How great that you saved him-those always make the best pets!
  7. Aww good luck!!
  8. You are such a good person for taking care of the kitten. Wipe the eye carefully with some soft paper and hand-warm water and if it´s doesn´t seem get better in a day, you should take him to a doc.
  9. Thanks everyone for your advice. I decided to call the kitten "Lucky" because he was... he was lucky to be found and lucky to get into the vet's office. In my rural-ish town, ranch animals are priority. He was prescribed some eye drops for an eye infection.
  10. I hope he gets better :heart:
    Will you be keeping him?
  11. my heart broke right in half when i read this. i am so glad you were able to get Lucky to the vet and have opened your heart and home to the little one. i think this kitten is going to bring YOU luck too!!!

    (((((HUGS))))))) from an animal lover......
  12. Aww, so happy that lucky has a safe and friendly home! I am so glad your dad took the time to investigate the noise!

    I think at first some kittens are more hesitant, with all the love, care and kindness you've been showing him(her?) I'm sure you'll earn the trust in no time!