Help: Kitchen Designs and Essentials/Innovative??

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  1. I need ur help on pickin nice designs for a kitchen my dad wants to remodel it completely and ask for help and im so undecided, even throw walls if possible lol my kitchen is a mess.. so i need some help!!!

    -wut do u think is the most innovative parts that kitchen should have??
    -what do you think is the basic and how it looks better??
    and we are adding an Island it never had one?? you think it is necessary??
    -for the record, the area is big enough to fit a nice design it aint a small kitchen and i want like pics more than i researched to see if im missing something cool or nice that i havent think of??

  2. obviously countertops and cabinets are the most visible off the bat.. if you cant afford granite or travertine (sp?) countertops I think tiling looks just as nice and it can extend to the backsplash. Custom handpainted tiles are very pretty and if you are creatively inclined perhaps you could paint your own accent tiles to add a personal sentimental touch. If you are thinking of an island I always tend to like a rack above it to hang your pots and pans..or a nice chandelier unless you have an eatinkitchen with a light over the table. A pretty antique lighting fixture can be a great staement piece, even if it doesnt function (like a wrought iron candelabra or something)
    of course it all depends opn your taste and the style and colors of your home...
    To me, surfaces and lighting are the key elements next to storage and and organization. If you have a nice collection of china and/or cookware its nice to display these things..cabinets with glass windows..racks to hang etc can be great!
    Then again if you want stae of the art, clean lines, you cant go wrong with stainless steel applainces and a nice granite counter.
  3. also in regards to the island..i have recently seen them with the sink/dishwasher included and i think this can be a great space saver. otherwise you could have a simple butcherblock island to use as counter/prep space and have some stools to surround it as an breakfast/entertaining eating area.

    in addition color is a thing to consider. i think kitchens look great with a bright sunny accent color. Orange is supposed to enhance the appetite..and a light sunny green is always fresh :smile: I recently painted my kitchen a light rose pink and it has totally changed the space for the better! you can always paint only the accent walls as well..behind the cabinits etc..
    if you have pics of the space it would be more helpful or at least a description of the style you are considering (modern, french country, etc..)
    good luck!
  4. thanks! i was thinkin on granite a lil xpensive but soo worth it lol
    and also i think that in the island i would put the chandelier i havent thought of that cuz i cant hang pots but i rather put them in the bottoms.

    im not considering the style yet i just know wut i like if i see it, cuz i dont really know, ill try to set up a description on this for more help. thnks.
  5. Well, I'm a heavy duty cook with lots of equipment and need for food storage. TOPS to me is good, useful storage. Really, give IKEA a shot. They make quality kitchens and their drawer systems are PHENOMENAL. I have a middle of the road kitchen from a kitchen store with an ikea big island and the ikea piece is better than the twice as expensive wood stuff.

    DO NOT get bottom cabinets that have half shelves, get pull out trays or go for ikeas storage drawers (btw Ikea has a great planning/design thing you can use).

    An island is so practical and granite (or the like) countertops are divine. You'll never want to go back to formica again (ick!) I also like my cabinets to go to the ceiling. Leaving them with open space is just a place to collect grime and "ick". Plus it's wasted space. Better to use that space to store a platter you rarely use.

    Break up colors too. Like, if your kitchen cabinets are white, get an oak island, or a different granite or wood surface. Throw in one or two cabinets with glass doors too to break up all the wood.

    I personally am not fond of open shelving, but something people like that. I just find it one more surface I have to keep clean from grime.

    For your stove and fridge, get over the stove microwave to free counter space (or use a microwave cabinet) and if you are buying a new fridge, get a bottom freezer (I personally would skip the water dispenser as it takes up space to use for other things). To save money on these things, go to a scratch and dent store or a sear's outlet.

    Can you tell I have lots of opinions on kitchens?
  6. You are very smart to ask this.

    I found that I could do with out the trash compactor.
    I too hate open shelving, why do I want to look at all my stuff? I have a glass cabinent which keep the stuff I want on display.

    I don't need 2 ovens & 2 dishwashers. Barely use one. I would like a pizza oven or salamander, looking into adding one.

    Look at concrete for counter tops to save over granite. I have seen some gorgeous stuff done now with concrete.
  7. I like ur idea on the bottom cabinets i was lookin at some pictures online and i saw the ones you pull out and i think are way easier for storage cuz then u like stack everntyhin in there and cant take it out...

    we gettin a new stove but not a fridge im guessin, and i cant move the stove from there due to electrical connections and i cant like hide it either so thats gotta stay like that, i was thinkin in the island to main use for chop veggies and most things done there and that are with no granite so in case something happens.

    n i want an extractor too but that i want it like hidden under the wood part, it is gonna be wood and maybe stainless stell material in the stove and fridge, dont know if it looks good but white is out of the question.
  8. we are not adding dishwashers eventhough i think one would be useful cuz my mom leaves alot of dishes around when she does the cookin, and can i ask u wut is a salamander?

    i so agree with u in the open shelvin i do have some open right now and i just want to hide it! lol :tdown: