help! kirsten dunst's bag is...

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  1. Well, her arm hides alot of the bag but it looks like a special edition white lambskin classic flap with embroidery on the flap (unless she's holding something between her arm and the flap). There was a limited release white flap with a flower embroidered on it. I personally wasn't a big fan...and they are very hard to come by, so if it's just the color and style you like, I would go for a white lambskin medium classic flap :tup:. You can find alot of pictures of them in the reference library under post pics of your classic flaps..etc.

    Don't know if that helps at all...Good luck finding the bag you like!
  2. I think ALL classic flaps look fab!! Im no help!
  3. i like how it's small- seems smaller than the small classic flap? do they make this size at least anymore? and if so, what's the retail? thx again!
  4. it looks like the a0113 or a01112 size.
  5. are those numbers equivalent to a small flap? i am not familiar w/ chanel bags at all so TIA!