help...kindly authenticate

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  1. hi i'm a newbie here. i recently bought a vintage chanel caviar tan tote on ebay and i'm not sure if it's authentic or not. The logo inside fell off already since it's vintage (or the stamping got erased, i really don't know..seller is so clueless). . Also, are there fake vintage chanel bags? Would any of you guys know the model of this one and when it was released? Really appreciate your help. thanks

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  2. Hi Robyn,
    Welcome to PF-- it a great place to be:smile:

    If you will post your question in the Authenticate This sticky in Chanel Shopping I am sure you will get a lot of good feedback on the bag. There are several PFers good at authentication.
  3. WELCOME! Maybe you shouls post it on the authenticate thread so that our little experts can help!
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