Help Kimberly Stewart Look Decent!

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  1. Kimberly Stewart can't dress herself so she's asking us to help. :lol:

    Personally I don't like any of them! I think Paris Hilton designed those dresses :sick:



  2. #2 is the only almost acceptable one IMO.
  3. who is this woman?
    a transvestite?
  4. Rod Stewart's daughter.
  5. you would think she has enough money to pick a nice looking dress.
    apparently money doesn't buy you style.
  6. Or class :sick:
  7. or sense
  8. she is a man.
    she is obviously a man.
    i saw better looking transvestite.
  9. I'm sorry, she's not very pretty. And she hangs around Paris too much. Those outfits are terrible.
  10. lol you would think she has enough money to buy more fabric! :weird:
  11. lmbo!! She does look like a tranny! :lol:
  12. :amazed:
  13. I do not think this girl is attractive at all. Well, look at her gene pool, at least her fathers side. :amuse:
  14. the last picutre shows she dosen't even own a trainging bra....AAA cup is what's straped to her chest....:amuse: I might not be rich...but at least I have a my chest
  15. 'Help Kimberly Stuart look decent'

    Do we look like miracle workers?! ;)