Help! Key holder for chunky car keys?

  1. Can any one suggest key holder that fits those chunky car keys? I need to find one that fist thsoe 'flip out' keys you find in Mercedez, VW or Mazda; the keys are tucked in the remote and it flips out when you press the switch. Debating between regular key holder, badge holder, berlingot (sp?), or T&B complice Key & Change holder. It will not fit in my perfo cles, so cles are definitely out.

    Many thanks! Pix would also be great too!
  2. I think a six key holder should work... i used to have a Mercedes... loved that car... but yeah... try the six
  3. I have tryed every key holder louis makes the cles, 4-key holder, 6-key, rabat, badge key holder, incl the trunks and bags new one, nothing has worked for my keys and I only carry my house key car key and remote. my car key has the big black top on it and my sa has said that louis hasnt caught up with the new big keys and remotes yet. everyone i have tried my keys were to bulkey and you would have to stop and try and arrange how to get them in. it was such a pain I gave up. and I wanted a key holder so bad.sorry
  4. argh, seems like i will have to visit the NM tomorrow (I hate that place, Mono & Damier are ref. as Logo & Checker Board....). Thanks for sharing, and keep the comments comming!
  5. My flip Key used to fit in my Monogram Mat key holder... but it peeled and they stopped making it. Now i have nothing.
  6. Do the keys have to be attached to it? How about the Multiclés Rabat? Or would a Wappity work?

  7. I have those big chunky keys and a rmote too along with various other keys, and everything fits inside my Multicles Rabat. They also fit beautifully inside my new vernis pochette cles. I'm thinking of changing my keys to that and using the Multicles for my Blackberry Pearl.
  8. I would get a cles
  9. No way, really??? that's funnY!
  10. yes way, *sigh*:hysteric:NM's LV & Chanel and I just don't click for some reason.

    lukeswiss : I love mat, but like you said it's already out of luck for new one.:sad:

    Luv2BuyBags: Thanks for that suggestion! I'm really looking forward for a key holder in violette lol, but seems like this can be one of the back ups:tup: Wapity is too boxy and too much room for just keys, need something i can slide in jean pocket.

    Cyndee: Pochette Cles is that big?:nuts: but I'm afriad if it bulge, then the Vernis will be wear out fast consider I'm not the most lady like woman:shame:

    theglamorous: the bigges cles (Perfo) won't even zip half way w/my keys >"<
  11. lol!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    sorry.. i don't have any suggestions~ but... may i ask which NM this is??
  12. San Antonio, TX.
  13. my mercedes key fit in my denim cles. get denim cles!
  14. haven't thought about denim cles :nuts: will definitely try that out tomorrow, thanks for another suggestion! :flowers:
  15. I hear you...I have the same problem with my Audi pop-out/remote key. Last time I was at LV, the only cles they had in stock at the time that would fit the Audi key, Honda (long flat) key, 2 house keys and another long key was the denim cles so I bought it. The keys *just* fit inside with a couple of plastic cards but they do have to be fiddled with a bit...most of the time I just don't bother putting them inside the pouch but ideally I'd like to be able to. It does bulge with the keys inside because it's so soft and the denim stretches a little.
    It's not perfect...but will do for me until something better turns up. Check out the Rabat and the new bigger vernis cles...and maybe the little Tulum?
    Please update this thread - I'd love to know what fits, too ;)