Help - Kelly Query

  1. My SA called saying he has a Black VL Kelly with gold hardware available.

    I have been holding out ordering a kelly 'cause I did not know whether I should purchase one in the very elegant and traditional box or something that can handle a bit of weather.

    HELP, I need opinions. My SA says the kelly is still in plastic in the box and he will hold it until I see it.

    What should I do -- I neeeeeeeed everyones help and opinions.

    Ohmigosh, I did not even ask if it was rigide or souple.

    P.S. It will be my first kelly.
  2. Sus, definitely go take a look at it, but ask yourself some questions beforehand so you are prepared when you get there.
    How familiar are you with VL in general? Do you like the look of black VL? Do you prefer rigide or souple, or are you flexible? (my guess is that it's rigide since it's in VL) Is the size right for you?

    Sounds like you have a great SA--good luck with whatever you decide!
  3. Only you will know my friend! Black VL is gorgeous though and I love gold hardware on black kellys!
  4. Sounds fab - what size is it? I genuinely think you can't know how you'll feel until you hold that baby in your arms. Seriously!
  5. VL is lovely. You should tell him just what you told us. It will be beautiful no matter what, so be prepared to really think it through when you are there, and twirl around with it in a few mirrors.

    I LOVE gold HW on black kelly bags, and i do think this will be a very wearable combination, weather wise, whether it is rigid or retourne.

    I also want to say that a couple of days ago I got my wallet wet in the rain leaving the bank, and when I saw that it had blistered I almost got physically sick to my stomach. Its OK now, but it really made me realize a few things about box and my fragile psyche when it comes to blisters. ooh, I just got a little twang thinking about that again....yipes!

    Good luck, cannot wait to see what you decide.
  6. (do you think she is in her car already, LOL)
  7. Definitely go and take a look Sus. I hope it's in Sellier form because I especially love VL when it is in Sellier form and I think the leather will suit you better in the long run if you need a skin that will handle rainy weather.
  8. I agree the leather will be very durable....
  9. It sounds gorgeous -- love black with gold hardware. Please let us know what you decide to do.
  10. Thanks Cynthia, Japster, Ebruo, CobaltBlu, Orchids, & Shoes. I will go in and take a look.
  11. Sus - depending on what size this is, is it possible you could/would get both? Say this one for day to day and maybe a smaller black box for dressier things down the line a bit?
  12. Good luck in your final decision, Sus! (I am secretly hoping you bring her home so we can all drool over her)
  13. Yes, I want to hear what happened! So exciting!!! Sus, I hope it was love at first sight?!
  14. Great idea Handybags. It is a 35cm.

    Thanks Pyrexia & Lisa.
  15. Wow - sounds exciting. Will wait to see what you decide when you see it. Good luck :tup: