Help!! Kelly Black Souple or Chocolate Rigid?

  1. Help me decide
  2. I would get the Black Souple but they are both excellent choices.
  3. More info...what's the hardware and leather on these? And how exciting!!
  4. All I know is that they're both Palladium hardware. As for the leather, I couldn't understand what the SA said they were. I know it wasn't togo or clemence.
  5. Either is STUNNING with palladium! If either of them are Chevre, get that one! The rigide will be quite a bit more expensive, but if the black is in box, that will cost more as well.
  6. if the black is rigid, i will get that one. To me black is more serious and business like, so it would go well with a rigid shape.

    otherwise, i will go with the chocolate~~~
  7. Do u mean box, the leather itself is more expensive, greentea?
  8. Yes, I love chevre! It has such a beautiful sheen to it! Either color is a winner...
  9. I prefer the Kelly to be rigid, but then again, I'd also prefer the colour black. Guess I'm not too much help !
  10. I definitely like rigide.
  11. Yes, black box leather is more expensive than, let's say, Togo or Clemence. :smile:
    I say call back and get more definite specs on the Kellys. This is a huge decision! hehe Let us know if you find out more...
    Again, this is so exciting!
  12. Went there and saw the bags but couldn't decide. Left the store with nothing. I wasn't fond of the souple black and was leaning more towards the chocolate brown rigide which was like a box calf leather but more matte in color. Not as shiny as the box calf. It looked really nice but decided to think about it more because I have too many dark brown bags. I have till Monday to decide. What to do, what to do.
  13. Maybe you should sell some of your dark brown bags? Seems like that was the one for you...
  14. Dark brown rigide Kelly! GORGEOUS!!!! TIMELESS!!!:love::love::love: But you need to be in love! So if did not fall in love with either, then I would pass and wait until you find one that you truly love- especially for the price! But if you are hesitant because you have too many other dark brown bags, maybe you should sell a few of those to make room for the new Kelly;) This way, no guilt over having too many of the same color, and more money towards the Kelly! Good luck, I know this is not an easy decision, but let us know what you decide!:biggrin:
  15. ^^ I wish I could, but I love those too.