HELP! Kelly - 32cm Potiron Goat or 35cm BJ Clemance

the SA said that she liked the potiron better, it had more structure than the clemance, which is very squishy and falls in the bigger size. since she's worked with me before and i'm doing this sight unseen, is the gold similar to the potiron. she said it was more pumpkin colored.
Potiron is beautiful! But if Orange is not your color, then you would probably be better off with the Blue Jean Clemence. Both colors are tdf! But I personally would go with a 35cm. Good luck!
I have a 35 BJ Clemence and it doesn't flop over - it stands upright, but the overall look is still casual. I personally love the slouchiness in this bag since the color lends itself to a more fun look, but it's an individual preference. I'd go for that one in a heartbeat though - it's one of my favorite bags.
You already have a 35...32 would be a nice alternate

The new 35 will slouch

Goatskin is just so the potiron with gold hw? That would seal the deal!

How come I can help everyone else????