HELP! Keepalls? What do YOU think of them?

  1. After debating which one to keep/buy in this thread, I am gonna get a KEEPALL!!!!! Can you guys tell me which one to get in either Mono or Damier? Should I get a Speedy 40 instead of a keepall to use as a overnight bag? Is there anything I need to know about the keepall sizes as well? TIA :yes: I think I might go to the boutique tommorrow and check em out!

    I have SOOOOOOOO many questions to ask all of you keepall owners, so PLZ post ideas and thoughts!
  2. damier! classic!
    Are you to use this every day? Or do you have a bag for that already?
  3. I am gonana use it for overnight and weekend trips to our other 2 houses.........and maybe for a sleepover bag
  4. I'd get damier 50. No vachetta and its subtler (no theives in the airport esp since you're so young).
  5. A Damier 50 sounds SO pretty!! I have never seen LV luggage at my airport.......I have seen it in Las Vegas, San Fransico, Hawaii, NYC, Boston, but never in Dulles/Regan :shrugs:
  6. I think you should get a Damier Keepall.
  7. damier! low maintenance and very classy.
  8. I the speedy 40 because i like how there is no leather going all around the bag but i also like the damer keepall 50.
  9. do a 45 or 50, no larger! straps are nice though! they come in handy. Although the damier only has a 55 w/ a strap and I hate the 55's, too big!
  10. hmmm. i dont really like them that much. id say go for the speedy 40.
    if not, then get the keepall 50 because it is big.
  11. I'd get a Damier keepall..I want one of those eventually. Whatever you get, be sure you get one with a strap, they get heavy just carrying them by the handles.
  12. Love mine -- gave my mono 50 to my mom cuz i like the damier betta

    222 003.jpg

    222 011.jpg

    222 027.jpg
  13. I'd get Damier!
  14. I'd get a damier 50 with shoulderstrap - it's such a relief when you have to lug it around an airport and you want to have your hands free.
  15. the damier 55 is the only one that comes with a shoulder strap the 50 is without shoulderstrap:yes: