Help! Keepall shoulder strap question

  1. Does anyone have a keepall with or without a shoulder strap? Can you tell me if it is useful or not? I would especially like to hear from people who have the keepall 50. I'm on the fence about whether to get a keepall with one or not.

    Thank you.

    PS: Also is the keepall 50 enough to hold a weekend trip worth of stuff?
  2. I never use my strap. I find it much easier to use the handles. The strap makes the bag swing around and get in the way. Hope this helps!

    It depends on how much you pack for a weekend. I can usually pack for me and my children and have no problem except if the weather will vary and I take a few items for unexpected weather.
  3. I have both. I have the mono with the strap and the the MC without. I would suggest to get the one with the strap. Sometimes the bag gets heavy and then it is great to have. I have also taken my strap off of my mono keepall and attached it to the MC keepall. Getting the strap just give you more options:yes:
  4. I have used mine both ways. For some reason, I don't notice the spinning thing, but mine is a 45, so I actually can wear it across my body when i am in the airport Straps are very handy and it's good to have one just in case. One good thing is that you can easily remove the strap, it's not permanent. The 45 is a good weekend bag, so the 50 should be fine.
  5. I have a strap that I use with my cerise and MC....I love it! The MC, not as much as I use it more as an about town bag. But the cerise I use as a travel bag and a carry on amd I can't imagine the bag through the airport without the ease of the strap.
  6. i don't own one yet, but i think the strap is nice to have.. like.. it's nice to have the option.
  7. I have the 55 with the strap and I definitely recommend getting the strap, even if you hand-carry it most of the time. Its nice to be able to throw on your shoulder if you need both hands free...which happens alot when you travel! The 55 works well for a weekend away.
  8. I have a keepall 55 with a shoulder strap, and it's *very* useful. It's very nice to have free hands.
  9. It's just more convenient to have the strap. I have the monogram keepall 55, damier keepall 55 bandoliere, and I'm hoping to get the monogram keepall 45 as a birthday present!
  10. i've got the Keepall50 with the strap and i think the convenience of an optional strap is worth the extra $$$. i use mine as a carry-on and overnight bag. it can fit all i need for a weekend trip without being too cumbersome or bulky :yes:
  11. Thank you for all the responses. How well does the Mono keepall keep up with travelling? Does it get dirty fast? Does it scream steal me? I was thinking about getting the Damier print because it seems more durable but the only one that comes with a strap is the 55. I read in other post that 55 is a bit too big and 50 is the best.:shrugs:
  12. Anyone?
  13. The damier print itself isn't more durable...both the monogram and damier are the same coated canvas...very durable! The leather handles on the damier are dark brown which won't show dirt like the vachetta on the monogram.
  14. will Damier come out with 50 with Strap?

    I'm (along with tons of my friends) are waiting.:okay:
  15. I have a 45 and it didnt' come with a strap. But when i tried the empty bags on in the store with the strap, it seemed a bit awkward, like the strap isn't durable and wide enough to support a full heavy bag. I think it gets too heavy to shoulder carry with the strap.

    My 45 is a great overnight bag, but I dont' think it holds enough for a weekend, you'd definately need at 50 or 55.

    It holds up well in travel. My 45 fits under the sit, not sure if the 50 does. So its mainly used to carry my laptop, valuable jewerly or clutches I don't want in my checkin and magazines when i travel.