Help! Keepall questions...

  1. 1. My friend has a keepall and doesn't know what size - I suspect it's a 55 as she thinks she has the largest you can fit in the overhead compartment. Where can she look on the bag to find out for sure?

    2. If she didn't get the model that comes with the strap, can she buy one separately? And how would it clip on?

    Thank you! :flowers:
  2. 55 will not fit in the overhead, so if it does fit, it's either a 45 or 50 :smile:

    Yes, you can buy a strap, I bought one for my cerise keepall, you attach it at the handles, I paid 240.00,but that was 3/2005. Item number is J00153.
  3. 55 does fit in the overhead and it's the largest size allowed by the airlines (i.e, don't buy the 60 if you want to use it as carryon!).
    I have flown with mine countless times and it fits perfectly in the overhead. Mine is vintage so it doesn't have loops for the straps, but the newer ones do, and the straps are sold separately as a bandouliere:smile:
    She can look under the leaf on the end for the number, or why not measure the bag? The 55 is in cm....
  4. I'm sure the 55 could fit- but to avoid hassle from flight attendants it would be wise to get nothing larger than the 50. I don't know if it's the same, but my mom's soft breifcase (and maybe her Alma) have special hooks on the handles' hardware to accomodate a strap. Even if it doesn't have those I'm sure you could just attch it to the basic hardware :flowers:
  5. I can't find the strap on the louis vuitton site or eluxury. I guess she'll have to go into a store?

    eluxury says the 55 can go in the overhead, so I think that's what she has. Thanks for the help. :smile:
  6. I fly with my 55 all the time and have never had a problem....:smile: