Help!!! Keep it or Change it????


Keep it the way it is or change it?

  1. Keep it in the current setting - Just leave it alone?

  2. Change it!!!!!

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  1. In this tread I asked which ring everyone liked better. My favorite one won the the poll.

    Now I need help again.

    I went to Vegas today and picked up the ring (and a few other goodies and even more to come)

    Here is what the ring looks like right now. Should I keep it the way it is or change it to the winner of my other thread? Sorry for the huge photo.


    Here is what I was thinking of changing it to
  2. Awww, beljwl, the setting it's in is gorgeous, but the poll winner setting would, I think, showcase the stone "mo betta", so that was my vote. :smile:
  3. That is such a beautiful stone, and IMO it would look even better in the new setting. I vote to change it ^_^
  4. I would love to see that stone with a thinner band
  5. I still love the setting that was voted number 1 the best.
  6. Do you feel the need to change it? If yes, why?

    I do love the setting you are thinking about a great deal, but one thing to note...your setting is unique and it looks nice on you. I could honestly go either way.
  7. I would change it - I prefer the other setting.
  8. I would change it. I think the new setting would give it a more modern, updated flair.
    I just had my 40+ year opal ring reset into a new setting and it looks so great. My mom was trying to snag it back! :smile:
  9. Change it, fo sho! The current setting, IMHO, makes the diamond look smaller, and a setting like the one above w/the baguettes will really show off the diamond more!
  10. I agree, a daintier, thinner band is much more becoming, much more elegant. I guess it just depends on your personal preference, but I don't like big, chunky jewelry, so I'd change it!
  11. I would change it, unless you want the current setting for sentimental reasons. I think the new setting would make the stone pop even more and update it.
  12. I LOVE the bag side-stones...absolutely change it.
  13. i might be a lone thinker here, but i think the current setting is more interesting, the other looks ordinary

    so i voted keep it, it's a nice setting. but that's just what I think
  14. [​IMG]I vote for this one!