HELP! just received my white mahala bag from the saks looks...wrinkled?

  1. is this normal? there are creases and lines in the leather...not sure if this is normal or kind of makes the bag look old...what do you guys think? should i return it? is ther something i can do about it?:confused1:
  2. good advice robyn...i'll hold out for a bit and see if it bothers me that much...thanks!
  3. Take it to a cleaners that specializes in leather and see if they can't steam out the wrinkles for you.

    After that, pack that thing good when you store it. My ramona tends to wrinkle if it's not packed well.
  4. The creasing is a characteristic of the leather on the Mahalas. I have a silver and a black. The silver has more creasing. I actually love it! BTW, it looks like liz hurley's white mahala has similar creasing to yours.
  5. I just received my white mahala from Saks and it has the same creasing. Did you end up keeping yours? I'm still trying to decide if I should keep it...
  6. ITA Samantha:tup: The fake ones eBay are obviously made of a low grade leather and are stiff and are non-descript. I'll take the creases (characteristics) any day:nuts:
  7. i ended up keeping it...i think she looks better when i'm carrying her...i've gotten lots of compliments on her! keep her :smile:
  8. I am so glad you are enjoying your Mahala. If I had not been able to find my silver Mahala I would have bought the white one .It was a hard decision even then. Congratulations, I love it in white!
  9. Congrats, the white is beautiful!! I have the red and it, too, has creases, part of the natural characteristic of the leather. Enjoy!!
  10. The white is GORGEOUS!!!
  11. White Mahala is just gorgeous! Congrats & enjoy. =)