Help! Just ordered grey woc!

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  1. Hey gals.

    I just ordered a 10A grey caviar WOC with SHW. The SA describes it as "grey, more grey than green, lovely". I haven't seen it in real life. The only picture Ive seen is from a fellow TPF, from the WOC thread. The price is $1500. If anyones seen it and can give me any input, details, opinions...I will really appreciate it. :biggrin: TIA
  2. Do u have the color code?U can look up old threads to see the different bags(seeing the color on much bigger bag can help)

    If its the one i think it is,it has a tiny bit of green to the grey....u can always return it if u dont like it IRL.Try it on with a few outfits and see how it feels!GL!
  3. the SA gave me the style number...

    style number A33814
  4. OP, can you please advise where you got this grey WOC from?

    I am considering getting one too! Thanks for your help!
  5. Ooh I'm excited for you.. I want to get a grey one myself! Did you call it in or order in a store? :smile:
  6. Hi ladies, sorry for late reply.

    I ordered it from Bloomies. Still waitin for her arrival next week. so excited =)
  7. How exciting! Can't wait to see your reveal pics.