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  1. okay I am NOT new to LV this is my 8th LV peice. BUT it is my first speedy and a MC one at that!..so heres the problem..(dont mind me if I am stupid and over reacting but,) you know how on the MC speedys the zipper pull pushes into that little lock and then you cant open it..well I locked the keys inside and I dont know how to open it now.. Is there something I can do to open it without the keys? or do I not even need the key to open it???
    mc speedy 026.JPG mc speedy 027.JPG
  2. Can you push one of the ball shape parts inwards? Usually most locks are like that.

    The ones eitherside of the tab. I hope you can understand! I wish tpf had a drawing app then I could explain better!
  3. ah thank you so much! i feel sort of retarded lol i was trying everything.

  4. I looked at it and remembered it from another bag of mine and I was in the same position! Glad you got it fixed ! :biggrin:
  5. Thats rather silly! XD
    I would've freaked out to if that had happen to me. ><

    Glad you got it figured!
  6. I did that with my MC speedy when I got it. I thought it was locked forever. LOL!!
  7. Oh, I'm so glad you unlocked your fab new speedy!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  8. I almost did that just yesterday with my speedy 25 mono
    I unlocked it then was about to put the keys in the bag where i keep them and then re lock it.

    For what reason I dont know, but i had to stop and think before I relized what I was doing lol

    I guess thats why you see alot of speedys with the torn tag thing

  9. omg.. that would suck so much!!!! Espicially since the mono lock is like a proper padlock! eek! That was very close! :yes:
  10. congrats on the mc speedy!!!
  11. Ohhh, congrats it looks FAB!
  12. Congrats on your new speedy!
  13. congrats on your new mc speedy. black mc is so fab!
  14. lol, you're so funny...glad you got it fixed though! Congrats on your MC speedy, it's my favourite LV bag!
  15. Aw, Im glad you got it open! I can't wait to get mine!

    But, congrats! The bag is fabulously gorgeous!