Help -just discovered the sweet flowers bandeau

  1. Do I even have a chance of finding one? I only just woke up to the fact that 1. these exist 2. I like them, and 3. I must find one.

    Given that I read somewhere they were seasonal, am I now out of luck and continuing my saga of desiring what is discontinued?
    Specifically looking for the light pink colourway.

    Also, does anyone know what the dentelle ludlow's retailed for?:flowers:
  2. Bordelle,
    I picked up the sweet flowers bandeau in pink last week. I thought that it would be difficult to find but my SA was able to find one in the store. So there is a chance of finding one. Good Luck!
  3. Thanks Eisse!
    How much was it?
    And I am assuming you're in CA, right?
  4. Give 866 a ring if you're in the US - they'll be able to see which stores still have them, and you could also probably order through them too! Sweet flowers is a gorgeous bandeau design; if I used bandeaux with any regularity, I totally would have bought one myself!
  5. but i thought it only comes in the scarf (>$300) and the carre (~$180), the SA's that i've asked did not hear about the sweet flower bandeau (and it's not in the book)... i wonder why..
  6. The sweet flowers bandeau was $130. Yes, I am in CA. I purchased it from the LV store in San Francisco Union Square.