HELP! Just bought Coffer & need advise!!!

  1. I buy on eBay a lot and noticed this Seller who sold high-end bags with 100% rating. I wrote him @ a Coffer he had sold, and he said he would order me one & send it--he's in Canada, I'm in Southern California. Here's my question--I asked him for a serial # & Card of Authenticity, and he said to check with the stores, the Coffer does not come with a serial #. Is this true? he said there IS a card of authenticity, but in the picture, it just looked like a description card. Have I been ripped off? I sent him $275 for the bag, inc. insurance & postage, so I thought "what a great deal!", but now I'm wondering if it's a knock off. I called PayPal & am covered, but does the Coffer have a serial#? Please answer!:confused1:
  2. Call the Prada store. I have a new one as well, but I am not if it's real either. What color is the lining of yours?
  3. coffer doesnt have serial No. it's true.

    but there're several ways to know if it's original or fake....
  4. $275! --- Come on, a brand new coffer for $275 - I think that says it all!
  5. ^ita! No Way!
  6. At $275, I definitely think you got scammed.
  7. Also 100% feedback doesn't mean much. The buyers don't know they are buying fakes.
  8. Zoehan- Can you list the ways to spot a fake Coffer?
  9. coffers dont' have serial numbers, so i'm not sure how you'd be able to tell.

    mine is black with an off-black color (it is black, just not jet black), but i'm not positive if that's the lining for every color (saw the ivory and coffe at Saks on sunday, but i didn't check the lining).
  10. coffers retail for 1445... and haven't gone on sale. hopefully you paid with paypal and can do a chargeback.
  11. :sad: nope- not real.

    neva at that price!