Help...just bought a Speedy 30

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  1. Hey everyone! I just bought a monogram Speedy 30 and I like it a lot but I'm starting to experience buyer's remorse. First of all, it's kind of expensive (although compared to other LV items it's probably one of the most affordable)! Second, I saw a woman at Saks carrying one and the handles on hers were so dark and dirty that it made me wonder if I should just return mine (I haven't used mine yet b/c I'm waiting for the creases to go away). The handles were black! I asked her how long she had hers and she said 3 years! Is the Speedy 30 a durable bag? How long does it take for the handles to turn black? Do the handles break or wear down with use? Does it really match with that many outfits? Can someone please convince me that it was a worthwhile purchase? I'm kinda nervous about keeping it.:unsure:
  2. That bag will look good for the rest of your life.I think the old ones are gorgeous.Its quality.Quality never goes out of fashion.
  3. you can get the damier one if you don't like the patina.
  4. The goodnews is that you can always replace the handles. I have a 30 as well and I'm still working on a good even patina :biggrin:
  5. Hello! First of all, don't panic, lol! The speedy is a very durable bag (provided you don't abuse it of course, which I'm sure you won't). Secondly, the handles should never turn black if your hands are clean when you care it. The black handles are most likely due to alot of grime that the bagowner transferred onto the handles herself. Thirdly, the speedy matches with many outfits - whether casual or formal, all year round. And finally, the handles will not break unless A) you smash them B) you place them near areas of high humidity or strong heat - which can hurt the leather eventually, causing it to crack.

    Hope that answers all your questions! :idea:
  6. It certainly goes with everything- the more you wear it and the more you put in it-- the more you'll love it. There are several threads talking about the patina (on the handles). If I remeber correctly the hadles turn black when you use hand cream just before carrying the bag-- in any case there are a lot of good suggestions on this board of how to not turn your handles black--- and of course just as pursegalsf said "you can always replace the handles'
  7. Dont base your decision on one lady with filthy hands!! There are plenty examples of ladies on the boards who have this bag for that amount of time without the filth. It really is a great bag.

  8. My speedy 30 purchase is the best one I have made of all the handbags I have. I dont think there is one outfit that is dosent go with. For me it is well worth every dime, and takes quite a while just for a light patina. Not to worry your purchase was a great one!
  9. Ditto to everything said. She might be the kind of person who uses lotions and creams a lot and moisturizes all the time. That will make the patina set in much faster. Also, I've seen bags on eBay that are like 10 years old and have a dark patina but not black or anything. With proper care, it will last a long time and you can always have the handles changed eventually or sell it for a decent price and get it again.
  10. Black handles on LV's do kinda gross me out, I know what you mean. The Speedy's are hand carried so the handles will turn darker faster. But you can always have them replaced later. I just bought a 25 recently and I can't wait for the rain to stop so I can use it! I am still kicking myself for not buying it a few years back when it was like $380 - I remember thinking 'that's a good price for a cute bag'. Don't worry, I think you made a right choice.;)
  11. Black handles means dirty not a good patina.
  12. Thanks so much for all the responses! I'm feeling relieved already! I just wanted to make sure that it was a worthwhile investment. It'll probably make its debut early next week when the weather clears up.
  13. Dont second guess, just keep it.
  14. Glad you decided to keep it, it really is a closet staple ! ;)
  15. you will love the speedy.