Help! Jumbo or Dionysus?!

  1. Can't decide between the grey or red. I have a black jumbo and a light pink jumbo.

    But between the two which one is more stunning?

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  2. I think the bottom grey is prettier than the top grey ;)

  3. FAIL here's the other jumbo bahaha

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  4. Red!!
  5. I like red better.
  6. IMG_1502929676.694391.jpg

    Not Chanel, but another bag that caught my attention. I know it's borderline tacky but I love it help me!!
  7. Red is much prettier
  8. red
  9. Love this shade of red so much. It is gorgeous in person.
  10. I'm actually shocked at the votes for red!
  11. Red
  12. red
  13. Ok I'm dissenting even though that red is gorgeous! I prefer grey for jumbo. I like my reds smaller, like a little pop of color. But if you do get red, it's amazing and I want mod shots!!!
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  14. Not instead of a Chanel, right? Cuz this is the wrong forum if you want support for that.:graucho:
  15. LOL I thought I'd just throw it out there!! The gucci won't be avail until oct so I guess I have time to set aside funds for that one in addition to the jumbo hahaha
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