help jumbo flap?

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  1. i'm really starting to like the jumbo flap, can anyone post pictures wearing it messenger style
  2. Hi, Did you check the reference section for pictures?;)
  3. i did, but no one seems to wear it that way
  4. I think the Jumbo worn messenger style is too long for some reason. Im 5'9 and when I carry it messenger style, it hits my lower hip. The reissues are better for messenger style in my opinion because the strap is shorter.
  5. i can post a pic tomorrow, if no one beats me to it..

  6. Yup..loads of pic there...for yr reference:yes:
  7. Ooh I'd love to see a pic of it messenger style. Are you still gonna post one sweei-pees?
  8. i just tried on the jumbo on friday, and it was waaay too long to be worn as a messenger style, i'm 5/6 and it was hitting way below my hips, i think someone mentioned about tying the inside w/ a string or something to shorten the strap.
  9. yeah i don't like it that long either. Makes me feel like i don't have control over the bag lol